Week 16 Quartback Rankings

Before you dig in to my Blind Side Best this week, take a moment and appreciate the fact that you’re still looking at rankings for your upcoming Week 16 matchups. Most of your peers aren’t at this point, their season’s, their chance to win it all, is over. Great work! For those of you in a league that plays your title game in Week 17, eh. You might want to re-think that. Your team changes at times through the season, but never more so than for Week 17. Derrick already has us thinking about a few teams that may be resting players in Week 16 or during the 2nd half of this weekends games. Week 17 is a headache that’s easily avoided.

I’m doing these ranks with standard league scoring in mind. When or if there’s a big PPR swing I’ll note it. Find me on Twitter, @RyNoonan

Week 16 Quarterbacks

Rank Player Name Opponent Notes

1 Peyton Manning at HOU –

2 Nick Foles vs. CHI –

3 Matthew Stafford vs NYG –

4 Drew Brees at CAR –

5 Tony Romo at WAS –

6 Jay Cutler at PHI –

7 Cam Newton vs. NO –

8 Tom Brady at BAL –

9 Philip Rivers vs. OAK –

10 Colin Kaepernick vs ATL –

11 Kirk Cousins vs DAL –

12 Andy Dalton vs. MIN –

13 Ben Roethlisberger at GB –

14 Ryan Tannehill at BUF –

15 Russell Wilson vs. ARZ –

16 Ryan Fitzpatrick at JAC –

17 Andrew Luck at KC –

18 Alex Smith vs IND –

19 Matt Flynn vs PIT –

20 Matt Schaub vs. DEN –

21 Matt Ryan at SF –

22 Matt Cassel at CIN –

23 Carson Palmer at SEA Questionable (ankle)

24 Joe Flacco vs NE –

25 Mike Glennon at STL –

26 Eli Manning at DET –

27 Matt McGloin at SD –

28Jason Campbell at NYJ

29 Chad Henne vs. TEN –

31 Kellen Clemens vs. TB –

32 Geno Smith vs. CLE –

QB Bits:

It was hard to not rank Nick Foles #1, especially if there’s a chance Peyton Manning doesn’t play all 4 quarters, but if you have both, you’re splitting hairs. I had ranked Aaron Rodgers # 3 if he was playing. I think Colin Kaepernick is going to have one of those games that taunts and teases us, I love this prime-time match-up on Monday night in the last game at Old Candlestick. The Falcons 32nd ranked pass defense helps too. I like Kirk Cousins but I can’t believe he’s your best option at QB this week. Dallas has been a fantasy QB’s dream of late, and I expect it continues, but I can’t imagine you’re here in week 16 without solid QB play. I would roll the dice with Cousins over Andrew Luck or even Russell Wilson this week. I don’t love the match-up for Luck and I’m reluctant to go all in on any Seahawks this week, with little to gain. It’s hard to trust the ‘Red Riffle’, Andy Dalton, but that match-up at home vs a depleted Vikings secondary is as good as it gets. If you bet on red, Dalton could give you top 5 production this week.