Week 3 Reflection: Players I Am DONE With!

Is everybody as fed up with this season as I am? It is usually at least 6-8 weeks before my fantasy football spirit is completely crushed, so a Week 3 slump is a personal record in my book. What is going on here? I’ll tell you what is going on here. In PPR leagues:


  • Alex Smith, Trevor Siemian, and Jared Goff are QB 1’s. Phillip Rivers, Cam Newton and Andy Dalton are QB 3’s. 3’s!!!!
  • Through 3 weeks, the combination of Chris Thompson, Tarik Cohen, Duke Johnson Jr & Alex Collins have outscored the combination of Ezekiel Elliott, LeSean McCoy, Le’Veon Bell, DeMarco Murray, and David Johnson.
  • The Minnesota Vikings have 2 Top 10 Fantasy WR and the Chicago Bears have 2 Top 11 Fantasy RB.  
  • The Jared Goff led St. Louis Rams are leading the league in scoring


Seriously…There are so many players, teams and situations that I am ready to bail on. You always want to give it just one more week, but in a 13 week fantasy season, starting off 0-3 or even 0-4 is a very difficult road to come back from, and one that leaves very little room for error. The fantasy season is definitely more like a marathon and less like sprint, but if you don’t do something when you are staring at 0-3 in the face, you might as well be running a marathon with a weighted vest and snowshoes.  

When you are in as many leagues as I am, you have an opportunity to have a lot of shares of different players. You might find yourself with one, or many of these players on your team, but these are some of them that I am officially DONE with:

Cam Newton

I think we are all starting to realize that 2015 was a long long time ago for Superman. After Cam accounted for 50 touchdowns, we all thought that was the norm. Cam finished the following season at QB 17, and thus far, he has yet to eclipse QB 17 numbers in any of his 3 games, which include games against San Francisco and New Orleans. His shoulder is clearly not healthy, and he has now thrown his 10th career 3 Interception game, with only interception king Eli Manning (12) and Ryan Fitzpatrick (11) with more in that time frame.  He isn’t running the ball anymore, with only 46 yards in 3 games, and is losing targets left and right in Greg Olsen, and now Kelvin Benjamin. I am done waiting for 2015 Cam to come back, and embracing the new and not so improved 2017 Cam- he is droppable in my book.

Terrelle Pryor

Don’t even get me started on Terrelle Pryor… Finished last season with over 1000 yards receiving on 77 catches in a Cleveland Browns uniform catching passes from RG3, Josh McCown and Cody Kessler. He upgraded to the Redskins and got to be the #1 target in a passing offense led by Kirk Cousins who finished 3rd in passing yards and 6th in attempts, and completely disappears! I gave him a pass in Week 1 because he did get 11 targets, but now that seems like a thing of the past. Sure, new guy in a new offense, I get it. He’ll be okay in the long term, but what worries me is that he looks disinterested at best, and Kirk Cousins is looking to Chris Thompson, Vernon Davis, Jamison Crowder and Ryan Grant all before even looking Pryor’s way. He has shown unreliable hands and poor execution, with little hope for optimism. You can try to trade him to someone who still has hope but he will be living on my bench until further notice. Good riddance.

Dez Bryant  

The outlook on Dez Bryant isn’t all bad. Getting him the ball isn’t the problem – He has seen 27 targets through Week 3, however, he has only pulled in 11 of them making his 40% reception percentage among the worst in the league. His problem is not just his touchdown dependency, but his brutal schedule. He had to line up against Janoris Jenkins, Aqib Talib, and Patrick Peterson – all among the league’s top on ball defenders. Even so, the fun isn’t over; he has one of the most difficult WR schedules of the season, as he still gets a rematch against Jenkins, Josh Norman twice, Ronald Darby twice, Trumaine Johnson, Marcus Peters, and Richard Sherman. Wow. With a lack of breakaway speed, corners are able to play him man to man and really make him work in order to have a decent game. Better days are ahead for the Cowboys receiver, but if you drafted Dez, you needed top 20 WR numbers from him, and if it were me, I wouldn’t want to be forced with a start/sit decision from him every week. I am moving on from Dez and his awful schedule – DONE. Let me know when he plays the Niners.

Amari Cooper

What is going on with Amari Cooper… He has already doubled his entire drop total of last year, and and it is starting to be a problem. With 6 drops in just 3 games, Cooper is leading the league and has 3 more than any other receiver. Not to mention he has done so on 16 targets, making his drop rate 37.5%! In 2015, he had 10 drops, which finished as second in the league, showing us that this isn’t anything new from the Raiders receiver. His drops seem to be overshadowed by his raw talent – he has eclipsed the 1,000 yard receiving mark in his first two seasons and wouldn’t be surprised if he did it again or at least got close this season despite the fact that he only has 101 yards through 3 games. Truthfully, Cooper doesn’t even really belong on this list, and I am sure he will right the ship to some extent at some point this season. Yet, you can’t drop him, you can’t start him, and you can’t trade him! Brutal for a top 20 pick to put you through this kind of ordeal, and for that reason I am DONE with Cooper for the foreseeable future.

Hunter Henry

This still doesn’t sit well with me. Coming off of a year in which he caught 36 balls and 8 touchdowns, we thought the arrow was trending upwards for Hunter Henry.  He was projected by many to be a TE 1 in 2017, with Antonio Gates ready to pass the torch, and Rivers still throwing the ball pretty well for a 35 year old QB. Swing and a miss… The Chargers are struggling – and so is Henry. He gave us all the goose egg in Week 1, bouncing back with 7 catches for 80 yards in Week 2 (just to mess with us apparently) and right back to a goose egg for Week 3. Raise your hand if you have as many fantasy points as Hunter Henry in weeks 1 & 3…  Exactly. He has gotten ZERO targets in 2 of 3 games… ZERO! As a fantasy owner you can’t do anything with that. Keep him on your bench if you have room, and TRY to find another option.. .TE is a disaster at best right now, but for me, SO DONE WITH HUNTER HENRY.

Tyler Eifert

Oh hey Tyler Eifert is hurt again… didn’t see that one coming.  Even when he was playing, the entire Bengals offense didn’t seem like they remembered how to play football, and Eifert’s production really suffered. He was essentially a non factor in the passing game – his 5 targets in the first 2 games only got him 4 catches for 46 yards. He has an ailing back injury that could keep him out for the next couple weeks, or at least make him limited in games that he actually does play in. He missed basically the entire 2014 season with an elbow tear, 3 games in 2015 with head and neck injuries, and didn’t play until week 8 of 2016 with ankle issues, only to be placed on IR at the end of the season with a back injury. Eifert might be the oldest, most brittle 27 year old in the league and even when he is on the field, he is so touchdown dependent, I would rather take my chances on the waiver wire than have the headache of wondering whether he will even be on the field or not. Again, deep league stash worthy, but in most situations, I am dropping him.  

As a bonus here are some honorable mentions:

Isaiah Crowell

Lamar Miller

Ameer Abdullah

Anybody running the ball for the Redskins

Adrian Peterson

So so done.

There is still time to save your fantasy season. Try to see what trade value is out there for your disappointments, hit up the waiver wire, and most importantly, keep fighting! All it takes is 1 week, 1 waiver pick up, or 1 trade to change everything.  

Who is killing your team? Who are you bailing on? Let me know who all of your keep/trade/cut players are on twitter @M_Garza20 and check out @Fantasyreport_ for our Week 4 rankings for all your difficult lineup decisions