It’s not goodbye, it’s see you later

I sit here tonight writing this post and finding the words are hard.

I started TFR a few years ago cause I had a passion for writing and fantasy football and I wanted to combine the two. Through luck and determination, I found some awesome people along the way to help me do that and produce content that was and still is awesome.

However, as my job is changing, my free time is becoming less and other things are happening in life, I find myself not really in the headspace to have this passion right now, to be frank, I’m at best half-assing the work I need to do and so I’m letting myself and others down. What does this mean? It means that I am deciding to halt our coverage of the 2017 fantasy football season.  I need to regroup and do things correctly and with full effort and I just can’t right now. SO we’re not going away forever, just going silent for a bit.

I owe lots of thank yous to people, Stephen Halupka, Steven WInant, DJ Fezzler, Matt Jones, Mike Garza, Mike Fitkowsky, Guy Stuhr, Brian Grow and many more who have helped this site grow over time, and I owe them the respect and honesty to say “I’m not doing the best I can to honor your work right now and I’m sorry.

So this isn’t goodbye, we will be back, it’s just see you later.