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After Week 2 of the NFL Preseason, we are here to present you with our newest fantasy football rankings. We have different people who rank for standard and PPR, so while positions like QB and DST are not truly impacted by PPR, there are different rankers from standard to PPR. Any questions please find us on Twitter @Fantasyreport_

Standard Scoring PPR
Quarterback Quarterback
Running Back Running Back
Wide Receiver Wide Receiver
Tight End Tight End

Fantasy Football Writers Wanted

As we ramp up to the 2017 NFL and Fantasy Football season, we are seeking energetic self motivated people who want to join the writing and podcasting team at The Fantasy Report.

Our ask is that you can write 1 article a week and can spend 1-2 hours a week working on side tasks such as Rankings, Podcasts, Twitter Q&A, Reddit or other things

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AFC NORTH – Pittsburgh Steelers Preview

It’s time to take a look at the AFC North, starting with the Pittsburgh Steelers. This division was formerly known for its tough bruising defenses and low scoring games. The Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens have had some of the toughest defenses over the years, and aside from owning the fantasy team defenses or IDP players there wasn’t always a lot to get excited about for fantasy purposes in the AFC North.

The times have changed though, the Steelers and the Cincinnati Bengals have several high scoring fantasy options, and get to beat up on the Cleveland Browns twice every season. There are several fantasy relevant players that you will be hoping to roster on draft day, and the Pittsburgh Steelers have two players that could easily be drafted first overall in fantasy drafts this year without much argument, but what about the rest of the team?

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Fantasy Football Writers Wanted

Do you love fantasy football? As in you are that guy who just loves to talk about it, wants to share your opinions about it, and has all these stats and figures in you head that you wish everyone else knew? Maybe you’re the guy who likes to help his friends learn fantasy football so they can become just as addicted as you? Do abbreviations like PPR, YPG, PPG, FPPG or others are things you see in your sleep? Well if so, we want to hear from you! The Fantasy Report is looking for a couple more writers for the 2016 fantasy football season.

Whether you have lots of writing / blogging experience or none, that’s okay we will still consider you. The expectation of every writer is that you can complete 1 article per week, that you’re always willing to learn and grow, and that you have fun.

If you are interested, please click here and fill out our application

New Faces in New Places – Wide Receiver Edition

It’s that time of year where we need to start preparing for fantasy football drafts. One of the most important pieces of research is figuring out the value of players having moved to a new team. As football is a complete team sport this can often be a challenging question. It’s not like in fantasy baseball when a slugger moves from one team to another in the off-season you can probably safely assume he’ll still mash. Fantasy football is a different beast.

There are a lot of variables one must consider when looking at a wide receiver’s new situation. Where were they on the depth chart last season? Are they going from being their former team’s third option to being the number one guy on their new team? Did their old team pass more than run, will they now be expected to block more with their new team? What’s the chemistry going to be like with a new QB?

Here are three wide receivers changing places who could have a significant impact on their new team and you need to bump up on your rankings from last season.

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Fantasy Baseball Writers Wanted!

Do you love fantasy baseball? Love thinking about it, analyzing players and match-ups and other data? Well we want you! That’s right The Fantasy Report is looking to bring on fantasy baseball writers for the 2016 season and you could be one of them! What we ask is that you can commit to writing one article a week and spend one hour a week on top of that helping with miscellaneous tasks. We accept all applicants and this can be a great way to let your voice be heard and get your foot in the door of fantasy baseball writing! So what are you waiting for? Click Here and APPLY

With Dalton Down Bengals Continue to Roll

His heart was in the right place, but his head was not. In trying to make up for his mistake Andy Dalton tried to make a tackle after his pass was intercepted. In the process Dalton suffered a fractured thumb and will now likely miss the remainder of the regular season, and potentially the playoffs for the Cincinnati Bengals. While trying to right a wrong Dalton may have cost the Bengals a shot at the Super Bowl, and he more than likely cost many fantasy teams their shot at winning their leagues. Sadly, if you started Dalton the odds are that your season is over. It is nearly impossible to overcome your quarterback leaving a game so early, finishing with just 59 yards passing along with the interception. If you dodged a bullet and managed to lose Dalton and somehow still win your match-up, consider yourself lucky.

If you lost Dalton and are still alive, AJ McCarron is the most obvious add to replace Dalton. In relief McCarron finished with a very respectable 280 yards and two touchdowns against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Bengals next game is at the San Francisco 49ers, which are middle of the pack against the quarterback in terms of fantasy points against, allowing an average of 18.26 fantasy points to the quarterback this season. While McCarron is a solid pickup, if you’re replacing Dalton it likely means your season is over, the focus here today is on how Dalton’s injury will impact the rest of the Bengals offense for those that are still alive in the playoffs.

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Waiver Magic Week 15: Mad Max Fury Road Edition

Now that the regular season is over for Fantasy Football leagues, the real fight is about to begin. Whether you are the #1 seed in the playoffs or bringing up the back of the pack in the consolation bracket, the landscape has likely changed for most of you from one filled with hope, to a post-apocalyptic wastelend devoid of anything but sadness. The 2015 NFL season has been plagued by injuries to many star players, and week 14 was no exception. Whether your players were the ones that got injured or not, finding the next man up behind a fallen star and getting them in your lineup can mean the difference between ending your season by winning it all, or by losing everything when it will hurt the most.

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The Fantasy Outlook for DeMarco Murray is Looking Murky

Fantasy Football is very fluid. Things change rapidly and we can’t always rely on past results to predict future outcomes. Look no further than DeMarco Murray for evidence of this. Last year with the Dallas Cowboys Murray was named the AP Offensive Player of the Year, and he carried the load for many fantasy football teams as well. He finished 2014 with 1,845 yards rushing with a respectable 4.7 yards per carry, and 13 touchdowns. Even with his success last year there were many rumblings that Murray was not necessarily one of the best running backs in football, and was really more a product of the best offensive line in the league. However, the numbers were great and after becoming a free agent at season’s end Murray wound up signing with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Since joining the NFL, Eagles coach Chip Kelly has shown he is anything but a traditional NFL coach. He had massive success in college football, and has continued in the NFL to take a unique approach to the game. His high flying Eagles scored early and often last year, and while Murray seemed to be an odd fit for the Eagles there was still hope that they would continue to score and Murray would be a prime beneficiary. As we head into Week 14 of the NFL season, Murray has performed dismally, and yet he is still owned in 99% and started in 72% of Yahoo leagues. It looks as if the Eagles have finally realized Murray isn’t the right fit for their team, and it’s time for us to realize that he isn’t the right fit for our fantasy football teams either.

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GAMEDAY Week 13: No Room For Errors….

For some this is it, last week to get in the post season dance. For others two weeks to go and have to maximize points to either hang onto your playoff spot or get in position to win next week for all the marbles. Let’s take a run down of a full slate  of 16 big games that can determine your fantasy football fate. Starting with Thursday night football and….

Green Bay at Detroit

This one has the looks of a pass heavy affair. Each team has played well against the run of late and with the two QB’s we have playing, this should be an aerial battle. Matthew Stafford absolutely lit the Eagles on fire last week, throwing for 337 yards and 3 touchdowns. Green Bay has been fairly solid through the air all year ranking in the top half of pass defense but with Detroit having no run game to speak of I would expect volume alone places Stafford with a fairly high yardage floor in this one. Treat him as a top 6 QB this week. I have been touting Calvin Johnson the last few weeks, and while he had been very consistent putting up at least 5 receptions in every game this year except week 1, Megatron has been a rock in PPR leagues. Even is if he is no longer a top 5 weekly WR he is still a top 10 play most every week, including this one.

Golden Tate has been much better lately, as Stafford’s faith in Eric Ebron fades, Tate’s targets have risen. He has target totals of 8 and 11 the last two games. Expect more of the same. The Packers do a fine job vs slot receivers though so his upside is a bit capped, consider him a mid WR3. As for Lions TE’s, you can do better. Ebron has lost Stafford’s faith and is hit or miss. The Packer’s are good vs the run so keep rookie Ameer Abdullah on your bench. The only Lions RB worth a play in PPR leagues may be Theo Riddick as a flex. Riddick had a great game last week and Stafford clearly loves checking down to him. Continue reading GAMEDAY Week 13: No Room For Errors….