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Welcome to our 2017 Fantasy Baseball coverage

Dear Readers,

I wanted to simply take a moment and welcome you to the beginning of our 2017 fantasy baseball coverage. I believe this season will be our best season to date with our team providing you helpful articles, rankings, podcasts and more to help you win your fantasy leagues. No matter if this will be your first fantasy baseball season of your twenty first fantasy baseball season, we want this site to be a resource for you.

Today on the 13th of February, our writers will begin posting articles and rankings as we begin our coverage of this season, and we are excited to do so. If you ever have any questions or feedback, you can find our social media links in the menu bar above or at the bottom of every article a writer posts, they will tell you how to contact them, please do so, we love hearing from you.

So as we begin our season, thank you in advance for reading and interacting with us and good luck in your quest to become a 2017 fantasy baseball champion.

AFC NORTH – Pittsburgh Steelers Preview

It’s time to take a look at the AFC North, starting with the Pittsburgh Steelers. This division was formerly known for its tough bruising defenses and low scoring games. The Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens have had some of the toughest defenses over the years, and aside from owning the fantasy team defenses or IDP players there wasn’t always a lot to get excited about for fantasy purposes in the AFC North.

The times have changed though, the Steelers and the Cincinnati Bengals have several high scoring fantasy options, and get to beat up on the Cleveland Browns twice every season. There are several fantasy relevant players that you will be hoping to roster on draft day, and the Pittsburgh Steelers have two players that could easily be drafted first overall in fantasy drafts this year without much argument, but what about the rest of the team?

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Fantasy Football Writers Wanted

Do you love fantasy football? As in you are that guy who just loves to talk about it, wants to share your opinions about it, and has all these stats and figures in you head that you wish everyone else knew? Maybe you’re the guy who likes to help his friends learn fantasy football so they can become just as addicted as you? Do abbreviations like PPR, YPG, PPG, FPPG or others are things you see in your sleep? Well if so, we want to hear from you! The Fantasy Report is looking for a couple more writers for the 2016 fantasy football season.

Whether you have lots of writing / blogging experience or none, that’s okay we will still consider you. The expectation of every writer is that you can complete 1 article per week, that you’re always willing to learn and grow, and that you have fun.

If you are interested, please click here and fill out our application

New Faces in New Places – Wide Receiver Edition

It’s that time of year where we need to start preparing for fantasy football drafts. One of the most important pieces of research is figuring out the value of players having moved to a new team. As football is a complete team sport this can often be a challenging question. It’s not like in fantasy baseball when a slugger moves from one team to another in the off-season you can probably safely assume he’ll still mash. Fantasy football is a different beast.

There are a lot of variables one must consider when looking at a wide receiver’s new situation. Where were they on the depth chart last season? Are they going from being their former team’s third option to being the number one guy on their new team? Did their old team pass more than run, will they now be expected to block more with their new team? What’s the chemistry going to be like with a new QB?

Here are three wide receivers changing places who could have a significant impact on their new team and you need to bump up on your rankings from last season.

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Not The Hero You Deserve…

The Hero You Need Right Now…

Well here we are three weeks into the season, and we’re in trouble. Fantasy baseball 2016 has already dealt us a hard hand to play. Catastrophic injuries and ice-cold starts from some of the highest ADP players have really hampered our efforts to push forward in the league rankings. Our drafts went wrong, teams are terrible, we’re last place in every category, eight months behind on the mortgage, someone slashed our tires, the kids won’t stop fighting, and a notice just came that we’re all being audited by the IRS. Okay, let’s take a second and prioritize how we’re going to approach the situation. First and foremost, breathe… remember the self-help tapes that your uncle gave you back in junior high: You are a strong, confident woman and you’re going to pull through this. Okay… your uncle is a chauvinist jerk, and still treats you like a child – we have to move past it!

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You Pluck the Plum, You Get the Lemon

“Lemon”. A one-word gag made Volkswagen’s classic advertising campaign the stuff of legends in the Marketing industry. Its brilliance stems from the fact that it piqued the curiosity of the reader. At first glance, the ad seemed damning to the Volkswagen as a failed enterprise, but upon reading further you learn that they are actually touting their strict inspection protocols. If only players got tagged with such clever advertisements before the draft. Adam Wainwright’s might have looked like this:


…or maybe something to the effect of, “He’ll make your staff look better”. The only difference from Volkswagen’s being that in Wainwright’s case, the ad would read more literally and with a negative connotation… Continue reading You Pluck the Plum, You Get the Lemon

The Abuse of Position Scarcity

What is Position Scarcity: Position scarcity is the idea that a particular position has a significant gap in talent between its elite performers and its weaker performers; that overall, there simply aren’t many good players available to draft at a particular position.  Take shortstop this year as an example. Someone may feel that there is one elite player, two more that are above average, and the remaining players are below average.  In a snake draft, someone may draft an elite or above average shortstop higher than their rankings indicate simply because they feel the position is scarce.  They might select these players in their draft ahead of players at other positions that might be a better overall value, just to avoid selecting one of the below average shortstops later in the draft. Continue reading The Abuse of Position Scarcity

A Deeper Look at Kevin Pillar

Last week, John Gibbons reported to the media that Kevin Pillar will start the season as the Blue Jays leadoff hitter. Kevin Pillar, now 27, is entering his fourth season with the Blue Jays, and I feel this could be a great opportunity for him to have a breakout season. Here are a few reasons why I expect big things from Pillar in 2016: Continue reading A Deeper Look at Kevin Pillar