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Where to Draft Andrew McCutchen

After perennial Hall of Fame seasons, the 2013 NL MVP Andrew McCutchen had a 2015 that was regrettable, one of the worst seasons of his career. Then in 2016, he declined again, this time sharper and again a terrible terrible season. So now here we are in 2017, about to do drafts and form our championship winning fantasy teams, and so now you wonder, where should I draft McCutchen? Well let’s find out.

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A Strategy for Making the Best of Your Draft

I’m sure you’ve heard the term “value based drafting” or “draft the best player available”, but what does that really mean? Taking the best player available blindly is a recipe for failure, however if the moves are calculated, they can bring you to the promise land.  Consider your fantasy draft as if you were an actual GM, I know it’s a little silly, but if you were an actual GM you would have to think that players have value other than their production on the team. They can also be flipped for someone who will make a greater contribution to your squad. Let’s say the best player available is a catcher. You already have one, and the one that’s available wouldn’t warrant a starting utility spot on your roster, then there is still at least one owner who needs a catcher in your league, which makes a perfect opportunity for you to grab this catcher, even though you own one already, and trade him.

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A Pitcher on the Discount Shelf

If I told you that you could get Johnny Cueto 80 picks later this year, you’d be interested right? Having someone like Cueto on your fantasy team is like having an anchor, someone you can depend on, someone reliable, if you could get him much later in the draft, why wouldn’t you be interested? Well I believe there’s a player out there who is going 80 picks later who is on par with Cueto, and I believe you will be excited to target him

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