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RB Targets in PPR

The quickest way to blow a draft is to start without checking the scoring format. There are dozens of ways to score leagues these days. Misunderstanding what kind of league you’re in can lead to disaster. The most common variation is the value of receptions. Standard leagues award no points, but there are others that award a full point per reception (PPR), and some that award a half point per reception. It may not seem like much, but understanding the difference between these settings can go a long way in gaining an edge. Continue reading RB Targets in PPR

Late Round League Winners

Most fantasy players have started their research and have an idea about what they want to do in the first few rounds of their drafts. Everyone knows the top tiers by now, and the good owners probably know who they like to target in the middle rounds as well. It’s time to go deeper. The late rounds (11+) can be the difference in hitting a home run that produces all year for your team or striking out on the wrong flyer while you watch the opponent circle the bases. Continue reading Late Round League Winners

Auction Draft Guide

Chances are close to 100% that if you’ve ever played fantasy football then you’ve done a snake draft a time or two. Snake drafts are easy to understand and do a good job of getting the league balanced to start the season. Commissioners have been using the format since fantasy sports began, and analysts from every corner of the internet will tell you exactly how to approach them a hundred more times before the season arrives.

“But my league uses an auction draft, and none of that applies to me!”

An auction draft? Look no further. Let this be your guide. Continue reading Auction Draft Guide

Impact Rookie: Zay Jones

It’s important to stay ahead of your fantasy competition year-round. That includes the doldrums of summer when it feels like there’s no advantage to be gained. The key free agents have inked their deals and analysts everywhere have given their opinions on who’s a good fit with their new club. Then everyone’s attention shifted to the draft and for good reason. Many fantasy championships have been won with key rookies contributing early, and that is where your opponent’s negligence can become your advantage.

Most fantasy owners will know the rookies who were drafted early on. Even your last place owner likely knows that Leonard Fournette has a decent chance to put up solid numbers as a starting tailback in Jacksonville. That said though, there is gold to be found if you’re willing to dig a little deeper, so let’s get our shovels and get dirty. With the 5th pick of the 2nd round the Buffalo Bills selected a WR from Eastern Carolina by the name of Isiah “Zay” Jones. Remember this name as draft day approaches, and you may find yourself hoisting a trophy in December.

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