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Sunday Stash: Week 2 Edition

The dust has settled after the roller-coaster that was Week 1. Many of you have read waiver wire articles on Monday and Tuesday and missed out on some of the so-called top targets heading into Week 2. The purpose of this article each week is to show some guys that you can stash now before they become waiver wire targets after this week. Maybe you missed out on Travis Benjamin. Maybe you didn’t put in enough FAAB for a streaming QB this week. I have some targets for you this week that you can stash for the weekend (or stream in some cases) and they could pay dividends for you in the coming weeks. The highest owned player is still under 40% so you have a good shot at grabbing these guys in most leagues.

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Don’t Wait for the Breakout for these 3 Players

As Week 1 approaches, many difficult decisions from the preseason have begun to sort themselves out. There are some players that still have plenty of uncertainty surrounding them and are available in most leagues. A strategy that I’ve used in recent years is to add players that could turn into waiver wire darlings before they break out. This makes it easier to add them to your team because you don’t have to worry about FAAB budget or waiver priority once a player blows up in a week. The three players I took a look at are Robert Griffin III, Christine Michael and Kamar Aiken. With an impressive Week 1, these players’ ownership percentages will skyrocket.

If they look worth it, why not grab them before the breakout this week? Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of these 3 players to see how valuable they could be.

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2016 Fantasy Football Rankings updated as of 09/02/2016

As yo prepare for your fantasy drafts this weekend, the staff as The Fantasy Report has updated our 2016 rankings, and we have both standard scoring and PPR Rankings available. If you have any questions feel free to find us on Twitter @Fantasyreport_

Standard Scoring PPR
Quarterback Quarterback
Running Back Running Back
Wide Receiver Wide Receiver
Tight End Tight End


Fantasy Implications of Quarterback Injuries

The quarterback landscape in the NFL has changed somewhat rapidly over the course of the last week due to injuries. Even though Tony Romo and Teddy Bridgewater might not have been at the top of your draft boards for 2016, those quarterbacks are still integral parts of their team’s offense.

While the injuries are unfortunate for the player, these injuries do not happen in a vacuum. They have an effect on the skill position players in their offense. There have been many questions about the implications for players like Ezekiel Elliot, Dez Bryant, Jason Witten, Stefon Diggs and Adrian Peterson. Much of the fantasy community is wondering how quarterback injuries have affected performance at different positions. I took a look at the last few years and compared player performances with and without their team’s starting quarterback to see exactly how much of a difference, if any, quarterback injuries have on individual players in a given offense.

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Should I Draft Two Wide Receivers From the Same Team?

Draft season is an exciting time of year for the millions of people who enjoy fantasy football. Whether you’re playing in a big money league or just for fun with your friends, drafting can be stressful. It’s easy to over analyze and worry about things that may or may not matter over the course of the season. One dilemma that every fantasy owner faces is whether to draft two players from the same NFL team. Even when it appears I’m getting value for someone that’s falling in drafts, I find it hard to roster two skill players from the same team. It’s always been a gut feeling to avoid it because it always seemed less likely to have two guys go off in the same week from the same team. For DFS players, “stacking” can be a profitable strategy. But DFS is a weekly game, not a season long investment. I took a look at the last 2 NFL seasons to see what the numbers tell us.

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Should I Avoid Drafting Young Wide Receivers?

It is very easy to get caught up in the hype of young wide receivers once training camp opens each year. There seems to be a few rookie or second year wide receivers that skyrocket up ADP charts in Mid-August. During draft season, you may hear “don’t draft a rookie wide receiver, they’ll never learn the playbook in time” or “second year players suffer from the sophomore slump.” As draft season approaches, I started to wonder how wide receivers actually perform in the first few years of their careers. I took a look at the performances of young wide receivers from 2004-2015 and broke them down by where they were taken in the NFL draft to see if any conclusions could be drawn.

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Why Drafting a Quarterback in the First Round Isn’t a Bad Thing

Some people think it’s not smart to draft a quarterback in the first round. Those people are giving up a potential advantage. There is a common theory in fantasy football that you shouldn’t draft a quarterback in the first round of your draft. Those who believe this will tell you that you should go after a stud running back to be the bell cow for your team, or in some cases an elite receiver. I’m here to tell you that they are wrong about not taking a quarterback early- and I’m saying this as someone who has done well with taking quarterbacks early in drafts.

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