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The Wire: Analyzing Week 1 Add’s & Drop’s

We’ve made it through Week 1 of the fantasy baseball season. Some of you are feeling great about your championship 2017 season already, while oOthers are analyzing 2018 mock drafts and hating themselves for drafting Gary Sanchez. All kidding aside, you’re likely somewhere in between, because you know it’s too early to panic, but not too early to try to fix some deficiencies in your fantasy roster composition. Take some time to look at who’s available, research the type of player they are and what they’ll likely become, and lastly; look at the player(s) you’re giving up to add that free agent. The last thing you want to do is drop a proven commodity that started off slow (yes, there are Yahoo leagues where Todd Frazier was dropped, and no, dropping players of that caliber will not be discussed here). Conversely, if you’re going to cut ties with a player you liked enough to draft fairly recently, you’ll likely want to get more than flavor-of-the-week output from the free agent. All this being said, let’s look at some interesting players that found themselves on the Yahoo Fantasy Baseball “Most Added/Most Dropped” list after Week 1. Bear in mind these ownership numbers are at press time, and may fluctuate by the time you read this.

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Three Deep League Fantasy Free Agents

The 2017 MLB season will have already begun, you’ve drafted your fantasy squad, and like the cat that ate the canary, you’re feeling fat, sassy & proud of your impeccable fantasy knowledge. As far as you’re concerned, a championship for you is as good as guaranteed, in the bag, checks in the mail, turn out the lgihts the party is over, or whatever cliche you prefer. Then all of the sudden, a black cloud opened up and rained all over your post-draft parade. You found out that your mid-round pitching target will be missing two months with a soggy arm or you realize you only drafted one first basemen, you find out your league commissioner didn’t set IR spots, all things that sudden have you not as confident as before. All of these things can deflate a fantasy owner before the first regular season pitch is even thrown. This is especially true in deep leagues, where it may seem like all the “good players” or household names are owned out of the gate.

Let this article point you to a few players owned in less than 20% of Yahoo Leagues who you might consider adding as an injury replacement or flat out rostering. I’ve included their Steamer Projected Stats, made up of their projected HR/RBI/R/SB/AVG for the season. They could help you eek out some head-to-head wins in the interim, and possibly even long term payoffs in season long leagues.

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Catching Fire: Drafting Your Fantasy Baseball Catcher

It’s a dirty and thankless job, and catchers are often an afterthought in the minds of many fantasy owners. That’s because there’s really no fantasy baseball value that rewards baserunners thrown out, perfectly framed pitches, or “most hitting tendencies studied.”  While no one can doubt their importance on the actual diamond, that importance is lost in translation when the position is viewed from a fantasy baseball perspective. Catchers typically generate less counting stat production than any other among the starting 9, and to put it bluntly, that can render them useless in the opinions of fantasy owners. It’s true that game-changing, seasonal outcome-affecting power catchers like Piazza and Pudge are a rare, if not altogether missing in fantasy baseball these days.

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SLG Fest: A Selective Stat Study

Cherry picking. It seems so wrong to use only part of the whole story to present one’s own version of the truth as factual.

But this is a fantasy baseball column, not a court of law. No rules! No objections to my testimony, and definitely none of that “glowing in the blacklight” evidence here. With that in mind, let’s have a little fun and study one of the more universally enjoyable hitting statistics in fantasy baseball, slugging percentage.

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