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Draft Kings Advice NFL – Week 8

Wow, last week I told you I had a good feeling and boy was I right. Golden Tate, Demaryius Thomas, and Antonio Brown finished as the 1st, 3rd, and 6th ranked receiver respectively. 96 points between the three of them, now that’s the type of return you’re looking for when picking players. I did blow a couple picks with Ben Tate and Justin Hunter but a pretty solid day all around. Stick with me and you’ll go places. Here are the guys to target for this coming week.


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Draft Kings Advice NFL – Week 7

"I'm ready to shine on Monday Night, who gone stop me???"  "AntonioBrown closeup" by The Football Juice
“I’m ready to shine on Monday Night, who gone stop me???” “AntonioBrown closeup” by The Football Juice

Weekly fantasy sports are a beautiful thing because despite the fact I didn’t have my best showing last week, there’s a brand new slate of new opportunities ahead this week. And like Flo-Rida says “Sometimeeeeees I get a good feeling…..Yeah!” Yours truly is definitely feeling great vibes about my line-ups this week and I’ll let you in on my secrets so you can pin-point the guys that will surely grant you a victory in those tournaments.


Value Pick – Ben Roethlisberger (5,700) – This is almost a lock to return value at this price and Big Ben is due for a big game after two fairly mediocre showings. Houston has also allowed a multi-TD passer for four weeks in a row now.

Pay the Premium – Peyton Manning (9,000) – Definitely a tough match-up on paper but Peyton Manning has a chance to make history and despite the party line that they aren’t focused on the record, he’ll come out gunning and they’ve been unstoppable lately.

Running Backs:

Value Pick – Ben Tate (5,300) – Probably the last time all year you’ll see Tate go for this cheap especially after he ransacks the Jaguars D this week. With 20+ carries the past two weeks, the Browns are committed to the run game and Tate is clearly their guy.

Value Pick – Lamar Miller (5,300) – No Knowshon? No problem. Lamar Miller is fully capable to carry the load and will see his regular 15-20 touches and the momentum is strong with his 3 TD’s in the past two weeks.

Pay the Premium – Andre Ellington (6,500) – Probably not the name you expected but with Forte and Murray being over 9,300, you basically project them to score 30+ which is a tough projection to expect. Ellington faces a soft run D in Oakland that just allowed 120 yards and a TD to Branden Oliver last week. Ellington should make a few catches out the backfield and look for him to finally break 100 yards on the ground.

Wide Receivers:

Value Pick – Golden Tate (5,900) – No Calvin once again and New Orleans has been getting straight LIT UP by wide receivers this year. Expect another 10+ targets and for him to have a nice rebound game this week as the main receiving option.

Value Pick – Justin Hunter (3,700) – Hunter has been slowly but surely coming around and he just missed a TD last week when he was tackled at the one yard line. He’s clearly the No. 1 receiver in Tennessee now and the Redskins have been terrible at defending the pass this year.

Pay the Premium – Demaryius Thomas (8,000) – Thomas has put any injury concerns or issues that plagued him the first 3 weeks of the season and has been an unstoppable force the past two weeks with 350 yards and 3 TD’s. It doesn’t matter who’s checking him at this point.

Pay the Premium – Antonio Brown (7,900) – It’s been a couple of weeks since Brown has seen pay dirt and that will change this week at home against the Texans. They’ve allowed a receiving TD in 5 straight weeks and T.Y. Hilton just torched them for 225 yards.

Tight End:

Value Pick – Jordan Reed (5,000) – We heard a lot about Jordan Reed’s potential involvement in the Redskins passing attack prior to the season and he certainly didn’t disappoint in his return from injury. Only playing for about half the offensive snaps, he still reeled in 8 catches for 92 yards so going forward he should replicate that production and be on the field more.

Value Pick – Jordan Cameron (4,600) – I did get something right last week as Cameron was a recommended instinct play and he went on to score a touchdown and eclipse 100 receiving yards. Jacksonville definitely isn’t scaring anyone so he should be a great play this week as well.


Cleveland Browns (3,000) vs Jax –  Jacksonville has provided at least 10 fantasy points to every opposing defense that’s played them this year. This is certainly the defense play this week.

My Optimal Lineup:

QB – Ben Roethlisberger (5,700)

RB – Lamar Miller (5,300)

RB – Ben Tate (5,300)

WR – Antonio Brown (7,900)

WR – Golden Tate (5,900)

WR – Demaryius Thomas (8,000)

TE – Jordan Reed (5,000)

FLEX – Justin Hunter (3,700)

DEF – Browns (3,000)

I’m interested to hear your line-ups as well so shoot me a line on here or on Twitter @TheTruthMJD and remember to always trust your instincts!! Good luck this week.


How to Win Money on Draft Kings – Week 6

"Matty Ice ready for a big home game as usual" "Matt Ryan training camp" by Thomson200
“Matty Ice ready for a big home game as usual” “Matt Ryan training camp” by Thomson200

So you love fantasy sports immensely but there’s just something missing right??? Hopefully you’ve delved into Daily Fantasy Sports and if so then I’m here to guide you with strategies and players that will lead you to win money on Draft Kings. I’ve been playing for a couple of years and usually I end up in the top 5% of my tournaments and I’ve won a few 500-1,000 player tournaments during my short tenure. Follow me down this road and we’ll succeed together.

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Working the Waiver Wire Like a Pro – Week 5

"I'm back and ready to roll, remember my 4 TD game last year?" "Marvin Jones" by emeybee
“I’m back and ready to roll, remember my 4 TD game last year?” “Marvin Jones” by emeybee

Week 4 has come and gone as I’m sure many of you can breathe a sigh of relief after seeing all of your star players with BYE written beneath their names. Week 5 only features two teams on bye week, the Miami Dolphins and Oakland Raiders so obviously not a fantasy buffet there. In any event, there are still several attractive waiver wire options out there that can be a staple in your lineups going forward. Need more proof? Let’s take a look at a few players from the previous editions.

Andrew Hawkins, Brian Quick, Ahmad Bradshaw, Christopher IvoryLarry Donnell, Travis Kelce have all been recommended on here and at the time, none of them were higher than 32% owned. They are 19th, 18th, 7th, 18th, 5th and 9th at their respective positions on a per game basis. Every week there are new players carving out new roles in emerging opportunities. Take a look at who you should target for this week and beyond

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Working the Waiver Wire Like a Pro – Week 4

Bishop Sankey 2014 by Thomson200
“Why is everyone dropping me? I’m just getting warmed up” by Thomson200

Week 4 is here and it’s the week we’ve all been dreading since the draft. Bye weeks. Six teams will be off including the Arizona Cardinals, Cincinnati Bengals, Cleveland Browns, St. Louis Rams, and the Seattle Seahawks. In addition to Week 9 and Week 10, this is the only other week this season that features at least six teams that are off the schedule. The good news? If you drafted well and/or have been working the waiver wire like a pro these first few weeks, you’ll have a significant advantage over your opponent. Week 3 was a bit down in scoring with 14 teams scoring less than 21 points but there are still some encouraging players out there that can help you replace your studs. If you check out last week’s edition, you’ll note some great performances from a lot of my recommendations most notably the headliner Jared Cook who ended up outperforming Jimmy Graham, Julius Thomas, and Rob Gronkowski. Let’s delve into the guys who can help you get that Week 4 win.

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Working the Waiver Wire Like a Pro – Week 3

Jared Cook
“A match-up with the Dallas Cowboys? This must be a gift from heaven” “Cookprofilepic2013” by Johnmaxmena2

All I can really say is I love this game, things change so much from week to week that it forces you to stay on your toes. In one league, my team looked unstoppable racking up points left and right and the next week each player averaged about 5 points. Some of you probably have similar stories or vice versa but allow me to address these injuries!!! Week 2 was a nightmare for anyone that owned any of these players – Ryan Mathews, Jamaal Charles, A.J. Green, DeSean Jackson, RGIII, and Knowshon Moreno. All of these players besides Mathews left in the first half of their games due to an injury. Oh, Doug Martin and Adrian Peterson were also both inactive to start the week. Brutal. Working the waiver wire is becoming increasingly more important each week just to stay afloat with healthy bodies. Your goal for next week should be to grab the important handcuffs, or a player that is just an opportunity away from making a difference. Will you fail at times? Of course, but let me guide you so you can become the genius who brags to all their friends about how smart of a GM you are. Let’s explore my recommendations from last week that paid off for owners that gambled.

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Working the Waiver Wire Like a Pro – Week 2

"Remember me? I missed the season last year but I'm sitting on your waiver wire ready to win you some games"
“Remember me? I missed the season last year but I’m sitting on your waiver wire ready to win you some games” “Malcom Floyd” by Jeffrey Beall

So Week 1 didn’t go as you planned huh? All that preparation, build-up, and excitement just to leave you with a big fat 0-1 next to your team name. Let me introduce you to the waiver wire my friend. A simple pick-up could jump-start your team and leave you miles ahead of the competition. Just an FYI, Josh Gordon the league’s No. 1 wide receiver last year is almost certain to be reinstated soon with the impending new drug policy and his ownership is still hovering around 50%. Let me give you some statistics for how things settled out for Week 1 final scoring:

– 7 of the top 36 wide receivers were almost universally on the waiver wire prior to Sunday’s games

– 12 of the top 36 running backs were almost universally on the waiver wire prior to Sunday’s games.

– 3 of the top 12 tight ends were almost universally on the waiver wire prior to Sunday’s games.

If I have not convinced you yet, YOU NEED TO BE WORKING THE WAIVER WIRE!!!! This becomes even more essential once the bye weeks start to hit in Week 4. As I spoke about in the first waiver wire edition, some of the top names for year-end scoring will be a guy off the waiver wire, it’s up to you to make the right calls. Below you’ll find some guys you want to make sure and target.

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Working the Waiver Wire like a Pro – Week 1

"Josh Gordon who? I'm ready to shine" (Andrew Hawkins 2014 Browns training camp) by Erik Daniel Drost - Flickr.
“Josh Gordon who? I’m ready to shine” (Andrew Hawkins 2014 Browns training camp) by Erik Daniel Drost – Flickr.

What do names like Julius Thomas, Keenan Allen, Zac Stacy, and Nick Foles have in common? At some point last year, all of them were probably sitting on your waiver wire ready to lead your fantasy team to dominance. At their respective positions, Julius Thomas finished 3rd, Allen 16th, Stacy 12th, and Foles 6th on a per-game basis. Last year was no anomaly, successfully working the waiver wire is just as important as a solid draft but the question becomes will you be proactive or reactive? The NFL changes so much from week to week, some players just need an opportunity or an injury to show off their skill set. Tom Brady started as a 4th string quarterback his first year and was nowhere in the plans to be a starter until Drew Bledsoe whom recently signed a 10 year contract, suffered a brutal hit the second game of the next season. The rest is history. Aaron Rodgers rode the bench his first three years during the Brett Favre debacle before they ultimately said goodbye to their beloved Hall of Famer. DeMarco Murray was a 3rd string running back behind Felix Jones and Tashard Choice before he got an opportunity and went on to break the Cowboys single game rushing total with 253 yards and 1 touchdown. It’s a next man up league and using a bit of clairvoyance, you can preemptively strike gold on players that are just an opportunity away from being a star. Highlighted below, you’ll find some names to pluck off your waiver wire that may very well end up being an every week starter or game-changer for your team.

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Rankings Debate The Truth v Commish pt. 2

debateOne thing we can all agree on is that the fantasy community has dissenting opinions on several players and the discussions can get intense. Isn’t that what makes this game so great? If you missed part 1, last week I annihilated my colleague debated my colleague on quarterbacks and running backs so this time around we’ll be tackling wide receivers and tight ends. Rob Gronkowski, DeSean Jackson, and Victor Cruz are all polarizing figures which some of us hate and love this year so stay tuned as me and Pete Neubacher engage in another fantasy rankings debate of epic proportions.

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25 Facts That Will Help You on Draft Day

Antonio Brown
Can you believe I’m still not being drafted until the 3rd round? “Antonio Brown (wide receiver, born 1988)” by Jeffrey Beall

The commencement of the 2013 fantasy football season was more than 8 months ago and often times little known facts can be overlooked and forgotten, so today we’ll revisit the important ones you need to know. Also, changes for the upcoming year such as new offensive coordinators, players moving up the depth chart, and teams that have acquired new players can help put you at an advantage against your opponents if you gain that knowledge. Whether you’re a brand new player or a seasoned veteran, there were signs and things you missed last year that prevented you from dominating your league so I’m here to make sure you don’t repeat those mistakes. I’ve compiled a list of 25 facts that will make a difference when draft day arrives so let’s dive right in.

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