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2017 Mock Draft Overview

I, along with probably everyone else who is reading this, have done a ton of mock drafts to get ready for the fantasy baseball season. I wanted to take the team I liked the most, and kind of explain the basis of my strategy and why I picked some of the players I did. This particular team is from a 10 team Head to Head points mock on which I had the 9th overall pick. Here’s how it lines up (the players name is accompanied with the round in which they were taken: Continue reading 2017 Mock Draft Overview

Where to Draft Andrew McCutchen

After perennial Hall of Fame seasons, the 2013 NL MVP Andrew McCutchen had a 2015 that was regrettable, one of the worst seasons of his career. Then in 2016, he declined again, this time sharper and again a terrible terrible season. So now here we are in 2017, about to do drafts and form our championship winning fantasy teams, and so now you wonder, where should I draft McCutchen? Well let’s find out.

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SLG Fest: A Selective Stat Study

Cherry picking. It seems so wrong to use only part of the whole story to present one’s own version of the truth as factual.

But this is a fantasy baseball column, not a court of law. No rules! No objections to my testimony, and definitely none of that “glowing in the blacklight” evidence here. With that in mind, let’s have a little fun and study one of the more universally enjoyable hitting statistics in fantasy baseball, slugging percentage.

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Rich Hill is Absolutely Worth the Risk

The last time Rich Hill pitched a full season George W. Bush was the president, Barry Bonds broke the home run record, and Evan Longoria hadn’t yet reached the majors. To call Rich Hill a sleeper would be a miscategorization of his potential, he’s 37 years old and the baseball world is fully woken up on him. Hill’s injury woes have been well documented, and he frustrated fantasy owners last year with a blister that seemingly never healed, leaving a lot of people to proclaim that they won’t touch Hill under any circumstance, but passing on Hill’s upside completely is a dangerous game to play. He’s being taken as the 45th pitcher and 121st player per Fantasypros ADP, and his potential upside is worth the risk at that price. Don’t believe me? Think I’m crazy? Well let me explain.

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5 Players I’m Avoiding in 2017

If there’s one thing any fantasy owner hates, it’s uncertainty, whether It be uncertainty about playing time, being able to duplicate last years performance, or the need for a breakout campaign, uncertainty can kill your best laid plans, and your ultimate goal of a fantasy championship. So waht I want to do for you is highlight 5 players who I feel who so much uncertainty around them, that there’s no way I can advise taking them anywhere near their ADP.

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A Strategy for Making the Best of Your Draft

I’m sure you’ve heard the term “value based drafting” or “draft the best player available”, but what does that really mean? Taking the best player available blindly is a recipe for failure, however if the moves are calculated, they can bring you to the promise land.  Consider your fantasy draft as if you were an actual GM, I know it’s a little silly, but if you were an actual GM you would have to think that players have value other than their production on the team. They can also be flipped for someone who will make a greater contribution to your squad. Let’s say the best player available is a catcher. You already have one, and the one that’s available wouldn’t warrant a starting utility spot on your roster, then there is still at least one owner who needs a catcher in your league, which makes a perfect opportunity for you to grab this catcher, even though you own one already, and trade him.

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The Scariest Pitchers for 2017

With Halloween a mere seven months away, it seemed “fitting” to write about the scariest pitchers going into drafts, and the following three pitchers give me the spooks. All three of them flashed some serious warning signs last season, and none of those warning signs are priced into their current draft positions. The following pitchers are three I would avoid in all formats this season.

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Steals are interesting in fantasy baseball. People love them, almost to their own detriment. It’s a blast to watch a guy like Billy Hamilton steal 5 bases in a game and cause so much chaos on the base-paths. However, it’s my contention that you don’t draft steals. Let me clarify that a bit more, you don’t draft ONLY for steals. I’ll never own Billy Hamilton because all he can do is steal bases and it’s really easy to find those either very late in the draft, or on the waiver wire. I’m not saying don’t draft a 20/20 or 30/30 guy. I’m saying don’t draft a guy with a TOP 100 pick who has 50+ steal potential and nothing else.

There’s another aspect of the stolen bases that I think is worth talking about, getting stolen bases from power positions where stolen bases are rare. First base, Third base, and Catcher. Paul Goldschmidt is fantastic at the plate, but his value is even higher when you consider he steals bases too. He’s had season totals of 18, 15, 21, and 32! 32 stolen bases from your first basemen!? That kind of speed production from first base allows you to focus on an outfielder with great power & no speed, or a infielder with plus hitting tools but no speed. Essentially, it provides you flexibility within your lineup to take players that are less attractive to the public at-large. I’m going to highlight some sneaky-fast players at each position for you to target. I’m going to try to keep the majority these guys out of the Top 100, but in some cases (Wil Meyers) I can’t – they have to be mentioned.

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Position Battles

Spring Training, a time to rejoice. Finally, we get to see (insert new acquisition) don the uniform of (insert team). We get to see walk-offs that nobody cares about, we get to see minor leaguers either get destroyed by Major League regulars, or make a name for themselves by doing incredible things. Most importantly though, it’s a time for position battles to commence. That’s what this article is all about: position battles that will be relevant for fantasy baseball come draft day. We’re going to take a look at two different position battles, and see what each player and each battle has in store for us.

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A Pitcher on the Discount Shelf

If I told you that you could get Johnny Cueto 80 picks later this year, you’d be interested right? Having someone like Cueto on your fantasy team is like having an anchor, someone you can depend on, someone reliable, if you could get him much later in the draft, why wouldn’t you be interested? Well I believe there’s a player out there who is going 80 picks later who is on par with Cueto, and I believe you will be excited to target him

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