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Go Big or Go Home-Ryan Noonan’s Bold Predictions for 2014

TuloCargo Fantasy baseballAs we get closer to the start of the 2014 MLB season, you’ll see a lot of prognosticators making predictions for the upcoming season.You can add this one to this list! Never wanting to miss out on the fun, I thought I’d take a swing at some bold predictions for the upcoming fantasy season. Don’t forget to check out our new podcast, ‘Caught Looking Fantasy Baseball Podcast’, find it on ITunes and subscribe! Also you can find me on Twitter, @RyNoonan.

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Ryan Noonan-2014 Fantasy Baseball Top 25

Ah, baseball season. My favorite time of the year. Well, actually this is my favorite time of the year, fantasy baseball PREP season! I love getting ready for drafts. With that in mind, here’s a quick preview of my top 25 players heading into the 2014 season. You’ll see that I put a higher premium on elite bats and I tend to not worry about position scarcity in the first couple rounds, leaning heavily on offense when constructing my roster. I’ve made note of each players current ADP here as well.  Questions or comments are welcome below, and you can find me on Twitter, @RyNoonan .

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Go Out On A Limb…That’s Where the Fruit Is

Granted, we here at The Fantasy Report pride ourselves with not ending sentences with intransitive verbs, but Will Rogers’ quote applies in this case, thus the author has chosen to make an exception for his title.
Not to be outdone by my colleague @RyNoonan, I too have some interesting, and dare we say BOLD predictions for this upcoming season.  We have touched upon several topics in our podcast ‘Caught Looking‘, including overvalued players going too high in ADP and potential breakout candidates.  There are some diamonds in the rough who can be drafted late in a draft, and there are guys who are going early, who I think will have magnificent years.  As always, commentary and disagreement welcome, you can find me at @SMartano.  I hope you all enjoyed Opening Weekend (sort of…)!

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Starting Pitchers – Change of Scenery

We are seeing a trend where young stars get locked up to large contracts before entering the FA market, but as always, this offseason, there were mid-tier and lower-tier starting pitchers who changed teams.  Fantasy leagues are won on the margins via gems drafted at the back-end of a draft, waiver wire pickups, platooning and properly streamed starters (particularly in head-to-head leagues).  Below we attempt to analyze whether or not the changes in home parks for the starting pitchers provide additional value, or create a ‘stay away’ situation.  By using three characteristics outside of the control of the pitcher, we can make assumptions and projections based on last year’s numbers to develop 2014 projections.  I have taken a look at all ten pitchers whose average draft position is in the top 100 for SPs.

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Got Picks?

You’ll see our writers talking about ADP (average draft position) often in articles and discussing it in our podcast ‘Caught Looking, but how do you prepare for where you will select in a draft?  Well, faithful reader, today is your lucky day, because I have done all the work for you, so you’ll know where you will be picking, and who is likely to be available even before you hear that first BLING.  With these tables, you can create a draft strategy that suits your draft position and optimize your selections.  Depending on your league size, your draft positions will be different.  Look to the right of the home page, and find your league size, and you are off to the races.
So it’s 30 minutes before draft time, and you just found out you have the second pick.  You think, “Awesome.  I have Miguel Cabrera and then probably a guy I’ve ranked in the teens…I’m gonna go bang out another episode of Archer and crack open another Mr. Pibb”.  NO.  Do not do that (I mean, totally watch Archer, and Mr. Pibb is pretty solid, but that can wait!!).  You want to plan who you’re taking with that 22nd pick, you want to project who will be available in round 6.  You want to know when you’re targeting the ace of your staff: Are you taking him in the third round with the 35th pick and grabbing Max SherzerJustin Verlanderor Cliff Lee, or are you enterining into the danger zone and waiting until pick 65 where your ace could end up being Zack Grienke or Gio Gonzalez?  You see why this matters, people?!  In my drafts, I try to project 1-2 players I want in each round through at least round 9 or 10.  Usually I get one of them, sometimes I need a contingency plan, and sometimes I see a value I wasn’t expecting and adjust.  The charts will help you with draft management.  Trust me, your roster will thank you later.

10 Team Draft Pick Chart

Off the Beaten (base)Path II

We’re almost there.  Finally. It’s almost ‘Opening Day’ across Major League Baseball, and the battles begin.  For some, it’s still draft season.  Look at me….I’m proud of you.  I’m wearing a yellow wristband that says ‘Draftstrong’.  For those drafting this weekend, let’s take a look at some late round options that are worth targeting late in your draft.  In a 10-team mixed league, these guys are nearly universally available and if nothing more, at least worth adding to your ‘watch’ lists.  We know a lot more than we did back in February when I did this the first time.  Most camp battles have been won or loss, and jobs are more clearly defined.  With that said, I’d still target each of those players featured in Part 1.  Let’s get into part 2.

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I Would Not Could Not, In that Round

If you want to win your draft, and in turn your league, you have to understand how to utilize ADP to your advantage.  March is finally here, along with fantasy drafts and mock drafts, and thus the ADP info that’s out there is as important as ever.  In January it’s a bit challenging to look deep into overvalued and undervalued players based off of ADP but now its game time. Who’s down with ADP? Ya you know me! That’s not the song? Hmm… If you draft ‘online’ you’ll want to compare that sites rankings to your own, in order to maximize value. If you draft ‘offline’ than it’s important to trust your rankings, have a composite ADP (more like MDP, median draft position), and if you know what the rest of the room is using for rankings/ADP, even better.  Online is key.  If I’m drafting my team on Yahoo, I need to know their rankings. Oh and I suggest ‘mocking’ there too.  Otherwise you’ll be lost on draft day.

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Off the Beaten (base)Path

Sleepers.  It’s an overused term in our game, and one that’s really hard to define.  With so many different league sizes, types, and scoring formats, it’s hard to classify any player as an under the radar ‘sleeper’.  Mixed league, AL/NL only, 10-team 5×5, 20-team 6×6, points leagues…on and on we go.  Today I’m going to take a look at mixed league ADP, again from our friends at FantasyPros, and I’ll highlight some late round targets currently going after the first 250 picks on average.  We’ll do 3 bats and 3 arms to start us off. If you have a player specific question, find me on Twitter, @RyNoonan.

First, let’s look at some hitters:

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