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PGA DFS: Farmers Insurance Open

There is a long history at Torrey Pines for this event. The field will play one round on the North Course and one round on the South Course on Thursday and Friday. The weekend will be played exclusively on the much longer, much more difficult South course. Torrey Pines North had a redesign since the last time this tournament was played, but since there’s only one round there we can put less weight into it. The South course, however, has an incredible amount of data from previous years. Player selection should be centered around distance, strokes gained off the tee, and Par 5 scoring if history is any indication.

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As a relatively casual DFS player, I’m much more partial to playing cash games than I am GPP’s for several reasons: 1.) I only play a small number of lineups, 2.) I find it much easier to construct a winning lineup in cash games as opposed to GPP’s, and 3.) I find the chances of taking home substantial money (substantial meaning 2X your original investment) in tournaments to be the opposite of The Hunger Games. The odds are not in my favor. Not that winning in cash games is a walk in the park either, but I’ve had better luck playing one or two lineups in large field 50/50’s or head to heads. That’s personal preference mostly. There is no right or wrong formula to approaching DFS, just make sure you find a strategy that works for you and yields results.


PGA DFS: CareerBuilder Challenge

The Sony Open in Hawaii turned into the Justin Thomas show. Thomas shot a 59 and never looked back, winning by 7 strokes. We managed to hit on 4/7 of our $8K and under picks, all of which had Top 50 finishes. As we turn our attention to the CareerBuilder Challenge in La Quinta, California there are a few things to look for that can point to success. Prior success at this tournament is somewhat important given that there are 3 different courses. Five of the ten most difficult holes last year were Par 3s which opens up opportunities for some of the ball-strikers in the field. There isn’t quite as much of a premium on distance, as average length drivers have seen success in the last few years.

Let’s check out the picks for this week’s upcoming PGA event.

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Fantasy Baseball Writers wanted

It’s that time of year again, the new year has arrived, the NFL season is winding down, spring is coming, and that all leads to one thing, BASEBALL SEASON! That’s right baseball season and fantasy baseball season are almost here, and we want you to join our team of fantasy baseball writers here at The Fantasy Report.

Whether you love Roto or H2H, we’d love to have you. The ask will be that you can complete 1 article per week and that you enjoy working on a team with others. Interested? Fill this form out and we will be in touch.

DraftKings NFL Playoff Advice and Value Picks: Wild Card Weekend

Thousands of years ago, the ancient urban philosopher DJ Khaled made history, proclaiming to the masses, “They don’t want you to win!” Khaled felt that haters within the establishment were conspiring in an effort to prevent him from achieving feats of great success, and unfortunately that very same principle can be applied right now in the world of fantasy football. “Wait ‘til next year” they said. “The season is over” they said. Well, they are wrong. There are still three solid weeks to acquire great riches via NFL DraftKings competitions, so if you weren’t fortunate enough to win your standard league, feel free to spend money you don’t have in an effort to win back those dues. For the decorated few, for you champions out there, don’t be afraid to get greedy and attempt to quadruple your already quadrupled league investment.

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Talent vs. Situation: A Fantasy Football Debate

Everyone who has played fantasy football has, at one time or another had the following internal debate, “I really like this player’s talent, but this other player has such a better situation”. Now that situation might be a season long outlook or a weekly match-up, but nonetheless, fantasy football players’ are getting headache after headache, week after week, year after year regarding this very subject. There are those who believe talent triumphs over all (insert Player X’s name here truthers know who they are) while others believe that no matter how much talent a player has, their situation (Steelers’ running back, or Drew Brees’ tight end) can be a lone determining factor for draft slot or week-in-week-out playability. I won’t say that this article will answer the question of what’s more important, but I will strive to provide some concrete examples over this past season of each of these factors (talent or situation) having an impact on some of our favorite NFL players. Continue reading Talent vs. Situation: A Fantasy Football Debate

The Price Is Right: DraftKings Edition, Week 17

I’ve got some bad news, guys. Football season is officially OVER. Unless you’re part of that 10% lucky enough to win your league’s hard earned prize pool or watch your hometown team compete in meaningful January football game, in which case I hate your guts and don’t want you reading my article. For the other 90% of us, all that remains between a long offseason of coaching searches, combines, and insufferable draft Twitter is one final regular season DFS slate. To make matters worse, Week 17 can only be described as DFS purgatory, meaning playoff seeding is going to wreak havoc on your fantasy lineups. With many teams resting their starters, there are only a handful of elite players worth rostering in your lineups this week. Guys like Aaron Rodgers, Jordy Nelson and Devonta Freeman will be uber-chalk and if you want to win back some of that Christmas money you wasted on things like gifts for your loved ones, you’ll have to play those guys. You know it and your opponent knows it, which means finding good value that allows you to pay up for those few high dollar guys is as important now as it has been at any point during the season.

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