Tier 2 Running Backs: Studs or Duds?

Your sitting in the back half of the 1st round, or maybe even the beginning of the second, and wondering to yourself which player should you take? You’re saying to yourself “Maybe I should take a Wide Receiver since the top 3 running backs are off the board, so let me stock up now and find running backs later.” I am here to tell you, DON’T PANIC!!! Taking a Runningback in the late first round a great choice, but which one should you take? Today I will be giving you a rundown of why this year’s Tier 2 Running backs could be studs or duds.

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Drop that Kicker to the Curb

Okay, let’s talk about one of the most annoying players on your fantasy roster: The Kicker.  This is a player that for fantasy purposes is actually the opposite of what you want for your real NFL teams.  Ideally, you would want your NFL team to score touchdowns instead of field goals.  In fantasy football, you want your kicker to make 50-yard field goals because, in some league formats, they are worth 5 points whereas an extra point is only 1 point.  Now, this where I am going to give you a deeper dive for maximizing your roster at the draft and during the season. Continue reading Drop that Kicker to the Curb

3 Draft Day Mistakes To Avoid

It’s officially August. The end of summer, and the beginning of football season. For many, football season will begin as they watch half of a preseason game, before remembering how terrible preseason games are to watch. For others, the football season will begin with their annual fantasy draft.

Most drafts will take place in the final weeks of August, as the preseason concludes. This allows drafters to see NFL teams in action before deciding which players to add to their fantasy squad. This also helps to avoid the mistake of drafting players that are injured in preseason action.

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Rookie Tight Ends: Is History on Their Fantasy Side?

In 2016, it was difficult to find many consistent tight ends for fantasy purposes. It was the first time a tight end failed to reach double digit scores since 2006, where Antonio Gates had a league high 9 TDs. In 2016, Cameron Brate and Hunter Henry tied for the league high with 8. Some of this was due to injury, as players like Rob Gronkowski (8), Jordan Reed (4), Antonio Gates (2) and Tyler Eifert (8) missed multiple games. Now, in 2017, there has been an influx of young, tight end talent as three (O.J. Howard, Evan Engram and David Njoku) were selected in the first round. Unfortunately, as history has shown us, rookie tight ends do not return much fantasy value in their first season. Except for dynasty drafts, rookie tight ends should essentially be left off your draft board, as many have underperformed in previous seasons. Even with his 8 scores, Hunter Henry still finished as the 11th best tight end according to FFtoday, which was the best finish since Travis Kelce finished 8th in his 2014 rookie season. Below, I’ll go through some current top tight ends to see how they fared in their rookie seasons.

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Three Receivers On Bad Teams To Target In Your Fantasy Drafts

When your fantasy players are losing games, it may seem like the end of the world as a fantasy owner. But when starting receivers and quarterbacks are trailing, it means more passes are being thrown and fantasy points are growing. Just ask any Blake Bortles owner. Now I’m not here to talk about fantasy quarterbacks who are garbage time masterminds. I want to talk about the wide receivers they throw to. Here are three receivers playing for bad teams to target in your upcoming fantasy drafts.

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Diamond in the Rough: Eric Decker

Hello, there! And welcome to the first installment of “Diamond in the Rough.” DITR will be an article series where I select a player that I believe to be undervalued based on their ADP (Average Draft Position) and then state my case as to why they should be targeted in every draft. Enjoy!

I was doing some online shopping the other day. Nothing extreme, just looking for some t-shirts to wear to the gym. I visited Nike’s official website. I was looking at spending roughly $30 on a plain shirt with a Nike logo on my chest. I’m cheap so that seemed like a reach. After doing some research, I found that I could get practically the exact same shirt, minus the logo, for $12. Same material, same result. Branding is everything. People are quick to see the name brand stuff, and pay that top price for it.

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Backfields to Avoid When Drafting

Is too much of a good thing, a bad thing? I suppose it depends. Is having too much money bad? No. What about too many cars? Maybe deciding which car to drive on a day-to-day basis would be tough, but overall it is not a bad thing. Let’s try this; is having too many talented running backs in a backfield a bad thing? For the organization, absolutely not. For fantasy football players, it can be their worst nightmare. Which brings us to our topic today, crowded backfields that may have you looking to other options due to their uncertainty.

David Johnson, Le’Veon Bell and Ezekiel Elliot. What do these players all have in common? They are all going to get their touches. Those three running backs are one of the few that aren’t stuck in a running back by committee offense. While there are a few other names you may be able to throw on this list, these are the most notable. We have seen these running back by committee offenses flourish in the fantasy football world. Most recently, the 2016-17 Atlanta Falcons. There were many weeks where BOTH Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman were legitimate starters for most fantasy teams. Again, this isn’t always the case, and RBBC scenarios often leave fantasy owners frustrated and trying to look elsewhere for consistent points. Continue reading Backfields to Avoid When Drafting

Auction Draft Guide

Chances are close to 100% that if you’ve ever played fantasy football then you’ve done a snake draft a time or two. Snake drafts are easy to understand and do a good job of getting the league balanced to start the season. Commissioners have been using the format since fantasy sports began, and analysts from every corner of the internet will tell you exactly how to approach them a hundred more times before the season arrives.

“But my league uses an auction draft, and none of that applies to me!”

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