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Week 3 Reflection: Players I Am DONE With!

Is everybody as fed up with this season as I am? It is usually at least 6-8 weeks before my fantasy football spirit is completely crushed, so a Week 3 slump is a personal record in my book. What is going on here? I’ll tell you what is going on here. In PPR leagues:


  • Alex Smith, Trevor Siemian, and Jared Goff are QB 1’s. Phillip Rivers, Cam Newton and Andy Dalton are QB 3’s. 3’s!!!!
  • Through 3 weeks, the combination of Chris Thompson, Tarik Cohen, Duke Johnson Jr & Alex Collins have outscored the combination of Ezekiel Elliott, LeSean McCoy, Le’Veon Bell, DeMarco Murray, and David Johnson.
  • The Minnesota Vikings have 2 Top 10 Fantasy WR and the Chicago Bears have 2 Top 11 Fantasy RB.  
  • The Jared Goff led St. Louis Rams are leading the league in scoring


Seriously…There are so many players, teams and situations that I am ready to bail on. You always want to give it just one more week, but in a 13 week fantasy season, starting off 0-3 or even 0-4 is a very difficult road to come back from, and one that leaves very little room for error. The fantasy season is definitely more like a marathon and less like sprint, but if you don’t do something when you are staring at 0-3 in the face, you might as well be running a marathon with a weighted vest and snowshoes.  

When you are in as many leagues as I am, you have an opportunity to have a lot of shares of different players. You might find yourself with one, or many of these players on your team, but these are some of them that I am officially DONE with: Continue reading Week 3 Reflection: Players I Am DONE With!

Buying Low & Selling High: Week 3 Trade Chips

Week 2 is an interesting point in the season. Some have the luxury of being 2-0, avoiding the injury bug, and have a solid team outlook going forward. For some, starting off 0-2 in a 13 game fantasy season is causing an early season panic with our teams are starting to reach dangerous territory. It’s amazing how just 2 weeks can completely shift the way you look at your team.  By now, we are able to take note of which players are are who we thought they were and which players have set us up for failure.

*cough* Brandon Marshall *cough* Eddie Lacy *cough*

This is a great time to sell high on players who have had a soft opening schedule and lit up the scoreboard, or buy low on promising players who have gotten off to a slow start to the season., We tell you time and time again that you can’t win your league at the draft, but like I said, a lot has changed in just 2 short weeks. The time has come for you to put your fantasy GM hat on and start thinking about what in season moves are going to either make or break the rest of your fantasy season.

Heading into week 3, here are some players that should without a doubt be included as part of your next trade:

Continue reading Buying Low & Selling High: Week 3 Trade Chips