FanDuel Plays for Week 7

There seems to be a few steadfast rules so far this season for DFS and fantasy football in general. First, you play the hot streak until it collapses (ahem … Cameron Meredith… ahem). Second, play Drew Brees at home (he threw for another 400 yards this past week). Lastly, start your running backs against the 49ers (LeSean McCoy had a truly special game in week 6, scoring 3 TDs). While these helpful hints won’t be applicable for all season long owners, DFS players can benefit from some of these rules when constructing their lineups each week. We all know that DFS is really a match-up game and picking out the match-ups that give your team the best advantage will typically lead to winning some cash.

Don’t forget this week we lose out on the Giants, Rams, Broncos and Texans this week when playing the main slate of games as the Giants play the Rams in London and the Broncos and Texans are on Monday Night.

This week I’ll be back at it, finding the right match-ups for both cash games and GPPs for your week 7 FanDuel lineups, and also will review week 6’s picks.

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Sunday Stash: Week 7 Edition

Last week was a mixed bag for the Sunday Stash. Alex Smith (QB28) had a great yardage week but KC scored all their TDs on the ground. Defying all football logic, the Chiefs have a play in their playbook that involves a screen to defensive end, Dontari Poe. Don’t even get me started. Jesse James and Chris Hogan were largely irrelevant. Luckily, Cam Meredith (WR10) is a legit option in the Kevin White role of the Bears offense. He managed a WR10 finish with 0 TDs. Given his current volume, I’d say you can safely slot him in as a mid-range WR2 with upside. Onto Week 7, I was surprised by some of the ownerships of the guys below given their situations and upside. Let’s see if we can find some gems this week.

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Hot or Not: Week 7 Edition


Week 6 ended up being not so kind for this past week’s edition of Hot or Not. Some players didn’t even see the field due to injury (Reed and Fuller). Others, like Sproles (1 rec, 4 yards) and Walker (1 rec, 21 yards), just straight out flopped. Luck, Gordon and Jeffery put up modest days, as only Luck was able to find the end zone. With another week down, we look forward to the upcoming slate of games. Here’s to another edition of hot or not! Cheers!

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Waiver Magic Week 7: Faith Edition

Sometimes you have a player that scares you to death whether you are starting them, they are on your bench, or you are playing against them. Sometimes you have no choice but to play them because of bye weeks, sometimes you will have a choice of what to do with them and they will blow up on your bench while the guy you started instead does nothing. Sometimes it’s a big name guy who you drafted in the first round, sometimes it’s a waiver pickup, but when push comes to shove you only have a few options as to what to do with this person: bench them, drop them, trade them, or have faith and play them.

Faith as it pertains to fantasy football isn’t purely a baseless belief that a player will perform well simply because of who they are or what we perceive their role on a team to be, it is based on numbers, too, numbers that deserve respect. Targets, touchdowns, receptions, yards after the catch, yards after contact, career yards per game; there are many numbers that tell the story of an NFL player and when the numbers are right, you should have faith in that player. Odell Beckham Jr. proved himself worthy of our faith this weekend and Tom Brady continues to inspire faith since his return last week, but players like Todd Gurley and CJ Anderson are doing their best to test us. Now that we are through 6 weeks of the season, it is time to either stick with your studs or find someone new to have faith in, and that’s what this week’s edition of waiver magic is all about. Who can you pick up this week off the waiver wire and have faith in starting them this week and beyond.

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2016 Fantasy Football Playoffs Stashes

The ultimate goal in fantasy football is to win a championship. Not only do you usually win the prize pool, you also get something to brag about until next season. The first step to enjoying this ultimate success comes in the regular season. It comes by drafting and maintaining a team that is capable of carrying you into the playoffs. By this point in the season, you may have a good idea if that’s something you have accomplished this year. However, getting there is only half the battle.

It’s not good enough to just get into the playoffs. I have seen plenty of great fantasy teams get taken down by bad match-ups or under-performing players. To counteract this, some owners will make trades or use the waiver wire to find players that have tantalizing playoff schedules. Of course, your ability to do this depends entirely upon how strong your roster is. If you’re a comfortable 6-0, you can probably count on making the playoffs. If you’re 3-3, your mind is going to be located more in the present.

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Week 7 Edition: 4 Players with Historical Success Against Their Opponent

The 2016 NFL season is going way too fast as Week 7 is upon us. Last week, poor QB play found a way to deplete historical trends. Alex Smith and Demaryius Thomas were disappointments in terms of how they historically performed against their opponents. Luckily, Lamar Miller and Randall Cobb had very good fantasy production and continued their historical success against their opposing teams. In this article, I have four new players for week seven that historically dominate their opponents.

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Feast or Fade? Week 7 First Look

This weekly-ish list is designed to give you a look at some individual players that figure to feast on the competition in the upcoming weeks, as well as some who might fade off into fantasy oblivion. Or at least see a noticeable dip in production in the near future.

Week 6 happened in the blink of an eye so let’s get right to it. Here are the players that will feast and fade for week 7. Continue reading Feast or Fade? Week 7 First Look

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