DFS Strategy Guide

Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) is understandably gaining popularity. In the coming years, I actually think DFS will reign over the season-long marathon of typical fantasy baseball as the top choice. Most DFS games are for money, which makes it all the more interesting. The entry fee for paid games can range from $0.25 to over $1,000 so no matter your employment “situation,” there is certainly a game for you. After reading the text below, you should go get a Fanduel account here or a Draftkings account here—both are reputable, popular sites. For brevity, Fanduel may hereafter be referred to as “FD” and Draftkings as “DK.” In this post, I will go over some of the basic factors that should drive your DFS decisions. Everything is more fun when you win, and applying the below strategies will help you achieve this success (no promises though). Continue reading DFS Strategy Guide

New Updated Fantasy Football Rankings are Live

Today Derrick, Brian, Jake, Stephen and Nick are releasing their 2015 Fantasy Football Rankings as of July 1st. Click the links below to view our rankings

2015 Fantasy QB Rankings

2015 Fantasy RB Rankings

2015 Fantasy WR Rankings

2015 Fantasy TE Rankings

2015 Fantasy Kicker Rankings

2015 Fantasy DST Rankings

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Three Reasons Fantasy Owners Should Be Skeptical Of The LeSean McCoy Hype

We’ve all had one of those relationships. Things are great at the start, but after a while, you realize that the two of you just aren’t working. You go your separate ways, time goes by, and your paths cross again. “Things are different now,” you tell yourself. “We’re not in college anymore, we’ve grown up,” or “he’s got a job now, he’s changed,” or maybe even “she’s finally seeing a therapist for her uncontrollable fits of violent, Incredible Hulk-like rage, that’s a good step.” (Okay, maybe I’m alone on that last one.) But you and I know where this is going – nothing has changed, or at least anything that matters. Continue reading Three Reasons Fantasy Owners Should Be Skeptical Of The LeSean McCoy Hype

The Underrated Rays

Quick show of hands. Raise your hand if you thought that by July 1st the Tampa Bay Rays would be in first place in the AL East. Both of you can put your hands down now. Thank you. I, like so many of you, didn’t see it coming either. To best illustrate my personal feelings on the Rays coming into the 2015 season, I’ve written a short, fictitious skit. Both of you who follow my writing will remember that I’ve used this format before. Enjoy.

Continue reading The Underrated Rays

Fantasy 101: IDP Draft Strategy

Congratulations! You have decided to join an IDP league and change your life for the better. You are well on your way through the 12 step program to get you more addicted to fantasy football. If you aren’t there yet, read my Fantasy 101: IDP Leagues and come back when you’ve had time to think about your choices. After the euphoric feeling of joining and IDP league, fear and despair may begin to seep in when you realize you have no idea how your draft will change because of the defensive players. How high is too high? At what point am I hurting my team if I haven’t taken IDPs yet? How many IDP should occupy my bench? Let me get the generic answer that you’ll get if you ask questions like this to seasoned IDP owners:

It depends on your scoring settings and your lineup settings.

– Mr. Hoity Toity IDP expert

While he’s right, he didn’t need to be so rude. I apologize. But with that out of the way, we can dive into the things to remember when drafting in your IDP league. Continue reading Fantasy 101: IDP Draft Strategy

Pitchers That Will Lose Their Jobs and the Potential Replacements

Guys who have been able to have long, productive MLB careers should be celebrated. Sticking around at the highest level in the sport and performing well are very difficult things to do. Pitchers come and go all the time, and there are only 150 starting MLB pitcher jobs in the game at any given time. Despite the total number of starting MLB pitchers being so small, there are always some who don’t deserve the job they have. This week, I take a look at some of those pitchers and the guys who should be replacing them. Continue reading Pitchers That Will Lose Their Jobs and the Potential Replacements

Pitchers Who Made the Jump

It is a beautiful sight to behold when a player develops into an elite talent right before your eyes. More often, players either flare out due to an exploitable flaw or never quite live up to their lofty expectations. When a clearly skilled individual begins to harness their potential and live up to the hype, it usually results in an All-Star caliber performer. This article will explore three pitchers who have made the jump to stardom in 2015, including a short background about each guy, a quick overview of their 2015 performance and a small analysis of the factors that have driven their excellence this season. So why should you consider Sonny Gray, Gerrit Cole and Chris Archer elite SP options going forward? Let’s dive in.

Continue reading Pitchers Who Made the Jump

Is This the End for Ian Desmond?

The title may be a bit dramatic, but what lies behind it is of great concern to a lot of owners out there (I also couldn’t help slightly referencing the bizarre yet hilarious film made in 2013…anyway back on topic). It happens all the time. An All-Star outfielder can’t figure out a kink in his swing or a Cy Young award winner loses a couple ticks on his velocity and they’re no longer considered to be the players they once were. It’s almost never a sign that a player’s career is coming to an end because they had a bad season after producing on a completely different level, but it can be worrisome enough to question whether or not he will produce at that same level he had been before. So let’s take a look at a struggling shortstop who won a Silver Slugger award in each of the previous three seasons…Ian Desmond. Continue reading Is This the End for Ian Desmond?

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