Feb 25

Finding the Corey Kluber of 2015

Pitching is unequivocally deep these days, with run scoring in decline and strikeouts rising every year. Because of this, waiting on pitching is becoming a very popular fantasy baseball draft strategy. Yes, there are elite pitchers that are a cut or two above the rest; Clayton Kershaw almost certainly warrants a first round pick, and Felix Hernandez, Chris Sale and others aren’t far behind him. But the overall abundance of quality arms – coupled with the fact that pitchers are inherently more susceptible to injuries – makes waiting on pitching a very viable strategy. I’m not here to convince you to wait on pitching, but I am going to try and identify pitchers who could take a major leap forward in 2015, a la Corey Kluber in 2014. Which pitchers are most equipped to break out? Let’s get to it:

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Feb 23

Fantasy Baseball 2015 Top Ten: C, 1B, 2B

As March approaches, draft season will soon kick into full swing, so we here at TheFantasyReport.net have decided to release our own positional rankings within the next few weeks. Today, I will preview 3 positions (C, 1B, 2B) with my top ten and a small blurb about each player. I will conclude the blurb with my current projections for each guy, but if we more or less know what to expect from him, I won’t spend long discussing that player. Without further ado, I give you the first edition of my 2015 positional rankings….or a portion of it, anyway. Continue reading

Feb 20

Quick Guide to ADP & Rankings for Drafting

Pitchers and catchers have begun reporting to Spring Training in both Florida and Arizona. Yea! For fantasy players, now is the time to start setting up your rankings, tiers, and start getting ready with some Mock Drafts. I wanted to cover some info on this topic. Whether you are new to fantasy baseball or this refreshes the minds of long time players, I wanted to talk a bit about Average Draft Position, Rankings/Tiers and how they all relate to one another. Continue reading

Feb 18

Finding the Michael Brantley of 2015

Often times, playing fantasy sports is akin to playing the lottery. You choose names to believe in, and if the chips happen to fall in a certain fashion, that name could deliver a huge profit for you. If one of your late-round draft picks happens to explode into fantasy stardom, you will reap the benefits, in terms of fantasy success and also respect from your league mates. But let’s face it: nobody knows which players will succeed and which ones will fail. If we did, there would be reason to play the games! Going into the 2014 season, Michael Brantley was not being drafted in most formats. He was generally ranked in the 60’s among outfielders, and his name was often seen alongside names like Nick Markakis, Eric Young Jr., and Nick Swisher in terms of average draft position. We know what happened: Brantley blew up, put all of his skills together at the same time, and turned into a top-20 player who gave his owners speed, power, counting stats and a solid average. He basically turned into Mike Trout-lite, which would have sounded like heresy going into last season. Continue reading

Feb 16

Fantasy Baseball 2015: The Do Not Draft Team

It happens every year. Name value and real-life value cloud the minds of fantasy owners and inflate the draft stock of select players. Sometimes the players are veterans who produced at elite levels in the past. Sometimes a player’s all-around ability in real baseball generates added hype that fantasy owners would do well to ignore (i.e. a player’s defensive skills). This article will inspect seven guys (C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, OF, SP) who, in this writer’s opinion, are currently being over-drafted based on their Yahoo mock draft ADP’s. I will conclude each player’s section by offering statistically similar replacements that can be had at a slightly more reasonable cost. So why do I recommend you pass on Yadier Molina, Freddie Freeman, Dustin Pedroia, Matt Carpenter, Ben Zobrist, Lorenzo Cain and Justin Verlander, and who the heck should you consider instead? Let’s find out.

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Feb 13

Studs to Duds in 2015

We have less than a full week before pitchers and catchers begin reporting for Spring Training! Since last week I covered 3 players I thought would return to fantasy league relevance I thought this week I would reverse the situation. I have picked three individuals that were studs in 2014, but could be duds in 2015: Corey Kluber of the Cleveland Indians, Charlie Blackmon of the Colorado Rockies, and Dallas Kuetchel of the Houston Astros (not a super stud but performed way better than expected) are my picks to regress significantly in the 2015 MLB season. Continue reading

Feb 11

One Player at Each Position I Will Avoid

Last week we went over players at each offensive position that I will reach for in drafts. This week we head the opposite direction and illuminate players that I want no part of. Whether it is because of injury, age, playing time questions, or anything else, these are all players that I would be extremely hesitant to draft. Let’s get to it:

Catcher – Devin Mesoraco

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Feb 09

Fantasy Baseball 2015: Starting Pitcher Value Picks

Newsflash: offense is down across the MLB. How many times do I have to say it? Pitching appears to be more bountiful this year than in recent memory, and it has changed the fantasy landscape. Starting pitcher depth is shocking. There is late-round value to be found everywhere. This article will examine three pitchers whose upside is not reflected in their current draft position, including a look back to their 2014 seasons and pitch repertoires (per PitchFx). At the end of each player’s section, I will take a swing at a prediction for his 2015 season. Marcus Stroman, Zack Wheeler and Drew Smyly all appear to be very affordable this year. How can we expect them to perform? Continue reading