Rookie RB Analysis: Dalvin Cook

The departure of Adrian Peterson marked the ending of an era for the Minnesota Vikings. Peterson had served as the team’s identity and most valuable player for almost every season he was healthy. But after missing the majority of 2016, the Vikings realized that he was no longer what the team needed.

With NFL’s the continued shift towards a more pass-heavy league, and with Peterson being notoriously out of place in passing situations, the need for a change in offensive philosophy became clear.

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Projecting Christian McCaffrey

By the time you read this, the 2017 NFL Draft will have concluded, and for fantasy football enthusiasts, the ’17 fantasy season feels nearly upon us. Among the skill position players drafted in last Thursday’s First Round, one of the shiniest of shiny new toys for fantasy owners to pontificate is Carolina Panthers RB Christian McCaffrey. The NCAA record holder for single-season all purpose yardage, McCaffrey’s  proverbial hype is justified. Just how much the rookie can help your fantasy team this season will likely be a heavily debated topic between now and September 10th, when McCaffrey’s Panthers kick off at San Francisco. Let’s take a look at how McCaffrey may measure up come fantasy football draft season. Continue reading Projecting Christian McCaffrey

Late Round Rookie RBs to Target

Every fantasy football player is looking to find the next Jordan Howard, that late round selection from the NFL draft that under the right circumstances can become an integral part of a winning fantasy football team. Howard was a top 30 most winningest player from a season ago (you can check out the full list here) and underlined the importance of being able to find rookies that have found landing spots where production can be found, especially at the running back position. Running back is the lifeblood of any fantasy football contender and one of the most injury prone positions, so being able to find one that could bring consistent value either late in your draft or on the waiver wire can be a big time boost.

This season there are a variety of running backs that were drafted in the 4th round or later that should prove to be either every week starters or players that will have value at some point during the upcoming fantasy season. Some of these players will be falling into great situations and others are just too talented to be on the bench for the entire year. I’ll break down a few of these potential contributors for the 2017 fantasy football season.

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Rookie RB Analysis: Leonard Fournette, RB, Jaguars

It seems like Leonard Fournette has been on the NFL’s radar since he stepped onto the turf at LSU. He entered the Tigers backfield as the top recruit in the nation, and leaves with that title more-or-less unchanged.

Fournette had the pleasure of hearing his name called fourth overall in the 2017 draft. That decision by the Jacksonville Jaguars earned the young man from New Orleans a cool $27 million over the course of the next four years, and made him the sixth highest paid rusher in the league.

This decision took place in the modern NFL. A league which, as many are eager to point out, doesn’t value the running back position. However, by ponying up a top ten salary for Fournette, the Jag’s have put their money with their mouth is. They are saying that they believe Fournette can be a top tier running back for at least the next four years.

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AP or Beast Mode? Which do you want?

2013, what a great time to think back to, the year that both Orange is the New Black and House of Cards debuted, The Fast and the Furious was only on movie number 6, and Marshawn Lynch and Adrian Peterson were top 10 fantasy running backs. Both were always taken within the top 5 of redraft fantasy league, and were depended upon to help their fantasy owners secure fantasy championships. Now it’s 2017, Star Wars is a hot movie franchise again, House is Cards is entering it’s fifth season, there’s still more Fast and Furious movies, and Marshawn Lynch and Adrian Peterson are still names that fantasy players are wondering about. The questions are not the same, no more are you pondering top 5 ADP for either player, but now you’re wondering if either will have an impact on their new NFL team, or your fantasy team. Which should you choose first?  Well let’s find out.

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Deshaun Watson – Fantasy Star on the Rise

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past two years, Deshaun Waston is probably a household name. As the QB for Clemson, he’s been to the past two BCS National Championship games, both against Alabama and their stingy defense. Watson lost the 2016 matchup against the Tide, and came back to avenge the loss in 2017.

After one season of Brock Osweiler at the helm, the Houston Texans decided to go another direction. Last week, the Texans traded up to the 12th pick to draft Watson and end their revolving door at quarterback. Of all the places Watson could have ended up, Houston has to be one of the better landing spots for him.  From a fantasy perspective, it’s also a great landing spot for folks who want to draft Watson this season as well.

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Why I Won’t Be Drafting Adrian Peterson in 2017

If you’re reading this article in April, you’re pretty deep into the world of fantasy football. And as the NFL draft and OTAs turn into fantasy football season, you’re going to be reading a lot of strategy articles and player breakdowns. If you remember one piece of advice from the pre-draft portion of the upcoming fantasy football season, it should be the following…avoid landmines at all cost. One potential landmine is age 30+ running backs. We see it time and time again, running backs don’t decline in a linear way, they tend to drop off a cliff. Since 2012, there have only been 24 running backs over 30 to score more than 100 points in a season. Of those 24 running backs, only 6 have been 32 or older.

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Player Profiles – Mitch Haniger & Aaron Judge

It’s tough to make a change to your fantasy roster in April, you feel committed to the guys you’ve drafted. All you hear time and time again to not worry about a slow start in April, there’s still plenty of baseball left, however the flip side of that coin is you miss out on the guys who get hot in April by standing your ground.

I’m of the mindset that I hold my guys in April, I have enough confidence in my drafting and projections to hold tight and not let the first 4 weeks faze my team. That being said, I may regret not taking the risk on the players we’re going to talk about below.

Today I want to highlight two players, rookies no less, who have been making a huge splash the first three weeks into the season.

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Pocket Aces: Quietly Acquiring Some Stud Starting Pitchers

Heading into the 2017 season, the fantasy baseball experts, bloggers and general enthusiasts alike were nearly unanimous in singing the praises of breakout ace candidates like James Paxton, Lance McCullers, and Robbie Ray. What wasn’t to like about these young pitchers after all? Paxton increased his velocity late last year and was, for two months anyway, one of if not the best pitcher in baseball. At 25 years old, Ray entered 2017 coming off of a season which he posted an ace-like 11.25 K/9 (strikeouts per 9 innings pitched). The 23 year old McCullers was unhittable when healthy, and many projected with a full 2017 season of starts, he’d likely be a Cy Young candidate.

The hype has been justified so far. Ray’s command issues aside, all three have been great. To own any (if not several) of them is to be extremely hopeful for your fantasy baseball team’s chances in 2017. Unless you drafted them accordingly, however, you’ll have to pay a pretty penny to roster any one of them for yourself now that the season is underway. With a handful of starts and a few hundred pitches under most starters’ proverbial belts, here are a few young hurlers who have also excelled early on. Having less overall fanfare than those previously mentioned, you might be able to acquire these pitchers’ services without breaking the bank for your re-draft or, even better, keeper/dynasty leagues.

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