Just How Untouchable is Clayton Kershaw?

I should be at a loss for words. What’s happened so far this baseball season shouldn’t be possible. There are no adjectives, words (ok there’s roughly 1,676 of them in this article) superlatives, superhero comic strips, full-length documentaries or TV mini-series that can possibly do justice to just how dominantly Clayton Kershaw has pitched every fifth day for the Dodgers (and fantasy owners!).
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A Tale of Two Stories

We have all been accused of doing some terrible things. People point fingers as though their morality have suffered short-term memory loss. We often find those who are most accusatory are most guilty. Maybe that statement is accusatory, but I dare you to allege I am guilty. As a baseball literature consumer and comment-reader, I often see people irrationally flex their sabermetric muscles to prove their points and disprove oppositions’ points. You probably dislike these people.

What you notice is that the stats people use are often cherry-picked and taken out of context. To demonstrate this, I’m going to discuss a couple members of the Cubs rotation from competing, irrational narratives, hereby referred to as “good” and “bad”. They represent bullish and bearish judgments, respectively. Neither lens represents my opinion but rather shows how a pitcher’s projection can be polarized by misappropriating stats. However, I assure you that someone owns these opinions and those people need to log off. Continue reading A Tale of Two Stories

Trading Places

Now that the offseason whirlwind of free agency and the NFL draft is firmly behind us and the dreaded 3 month lull of OTA and training camp heroes is looming ahead, it’s time to take a look at the fantasy landscape the real football moves have left in their wake. While it is often difficult to predict how a player’s value will change based on talent fluctuations during the offseason, it is much easier to evaluate where a player stands to gain based on opportunity fluctuations. For example, whenever a player leaves his team in free agency or retires or is suspended, an opportunity is left in the offense of the team he leaves. Conversely, whenever a player comes back from injury or suspension, or signs with their new team, those opportunities are filled or diminished. If you take the time to analyze who is leaving and who is joining every team, it’s easy to see which offenses are left with a lot of new opportunities. More importantly it’s much easier to try to determine which players are in line for an increase in opportunity to produce on the field and in your fantasy lineups.

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Cutch Owners Lost at Sea

Nobody is should be throwing around the word “bust” yet, nor is anyone seriously considering walking the plank on Andrew McCutchen, but owners might be starting to feel a little unloved and jilted at the altar. Aside from the injured A.J. Pollock and the apprehended DGoS, McCutchen has so far been one of the most ho-hum selections of 2016’s fantasy aristocracy alongside Jose Abreu and Paul Goldschmidt.

Yea, we’ve basically gotten what we paid for, that is the cornerstone player we wanted, but only at about an 80% rate. Let’s trawl through some numbers to see if we can find something to inspire more confidence in our yellow friend;

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