2017 Week 3 Fantasy Football Rankings

As week 3 approaches the staff at The Fantasy Report have completed their rankings to help you with your lineup decisions in week 3. We have both standard scoring and PPR rankings available. We understand that QB and DST rankings are not affected by PPR but list both simply so that more writers may give you their input.

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Standard Scoring PPR
Quarterback Quarterback
Running Back Running Back
Wide Receiver Wide Receiver
Tight End Tight End

Fantasy Football: Miami’s Receiving Trio

At the start of the NFL regular season, football was affected by something much more serious than a national sport. Hurricane Irma devastated the state of Florida, leaving countless people without shelter. As many of us know, the week one match up between the Miami Dolphins and Tampa Bay Buccaneers was postponed until week 11 during the teams’ bye week. With an extra week to prepare, the Miami Dolphins showcased a strong running attack and three receivers who can all create a fantasy impact this season with Jay Cutler at the helm of the offense. Today I would like to talk about DeVante Parker, Jarvis Landry, and Kenny Stills and how to utilize them on your fantasy rosters.

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Waiver Wire for Week 3

Another week in the books and another handful of injuries to major fantasy players. Although there was no devastating injuries, many players were banged up and some will be missing multiple weeks. Here’s looking ahead to week 3 and finding who is owned in <50% of Yahoo leagues.

 (For each position, players are listed by waiver priority)

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NFL Week 2: DraftKings Picks And Pivots

If you avoided all of the landmines last week and played the Rams-Gurley stack, you probably made some coin last week. If you missed out on all of the defensive points that were had in Week 1, you might be looking to build that bankroll back up. You’re in luck though, because that’s what we’re here for. Week 2 even features a few games that have totals over 50 according to Vegas. Finding the picks in those games and the pivots off of popular players in those games could be key to success. Let’s dive in and go position by position for the main slate on DraftKings this week.

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Good Vibes/Bad Vibes: Week 2 Matchups

Week 1 is in the books, and I guess it is safe to say that it didn’t disappoint… or did it? This past week, the average game was decided by 13.6 points, with only 3 games being decided by a touchdown or less, both of which are considered to be anomalies by today’s standards. Despite that lack of competitive play, that does translate to a handful of players who reap the benefits of padding stats during an efficient offensive day.

How ironic is it that we spend weeks on end analyzing stats and projections to death, expecting a certain result only to get into a Week 1 where Alex Smith, Sam Bradford and Jared Goff lead the league in passer rating (called that one in good vibes week 1 btw), and among the 3 top scoring PPR RB’s, we’d see names like Tarik Cohen and Mike Gillislee (definitely didn’t call that one). I mean seriously, I would love to meet the guy who predicted the Smith/Bradford/Siemian/Goff group would throw 8 more touchdowns than the Rodgers/Brady/Ryan/Wilson group. While good vibes and bad vibes are based off of reasonable expectation, there are certain weeks where logic just goes out the window. Last week I hit a home run with my good vibes of Jared Goff, and my bad vibes surrounding Adrian Peterson, yet I had a huge swing and a miss when it came to my bad vibes about Ty Montgomery. Take my advice for what you will, I may not always be right, but heading into Week 2, i’m yet again, full of vibes, both good and bad.

Whether you are trying to keep a win streak alive, or just trying to get back on track, take a look at which players are giving me good vibes and which are giving me bad vibes in week 2: Continue reading Good Vibes/Bad Vibes: Week 2 Matchups

The Fantasy Episode 133 – Week 1 Overreaction and TNF Preview

In this episode, Alex and Stephen discuss all the happenings in the NFL. They decide if the Chiefs and Vikings are that good and if the Giants and Bengals are that bad, and what to make of the Cardinals and Bears backfields. They also preview Thursday Night Football of Texans at Bengals.

Check out this episode!

Week 1 Woes Lead Me To Say, “Relax”

Welcome back to another season of fantasy football everyone. Week 1 has been completed and many are lead to believe there fantasy teams are in trouble. Injuries have riddled teams and many top performers flopped in very big ways. I’m here to tell you Relax people. I have done my homework, so let’s dive into this week’s data and get cracking. Continue reading Week 1 Woes Lead Me To Say, “Relax”

Week One Waiver Wire Additions

With a wild, unpredictable and injury-filled Week 1 already in the books, there are plenty of players on the waiver wire who will be hot commodities come Wednesday morning. Injuries to David Johnson, Allen Robinson, and LeSean McCoy caught fantasy players’ eyes and other rookies came to play on opening weekend. Working the wire is what helps win championships so let’s get to work!

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