Mar 27

Oldies but Goodies: 3 Veterans Who Still Have Value

Every year new talent comes into play in Major League Baseball and fantasy owners everywhere want to be the guy (or girl) who took the rookie that had an amazing breakout season. It’s human nature. We love new shiny things, whether it is Kris Bryant or a brand new Mercedes. Unfortunately, while owners are playing with their new toys, they seem to forget about their old ones. Sure playing with your new Buzz Lightyear is fun for now, but what happens if he starts striking out every time he is at the plate. That is why I’m here to remind you that you cannot forget about Woody. He still has value…and an awesome cowboy hat. So moving on from the cheesy Toy Story references, here are three veterans I consider Oldies but Goodies outside the top 100 players for the 2015 season. Continue reading

Mar 26

Rookies to Watch in 2015

Spring is a time of fresh beginnings and welcome change. Youthfulness matures by way of longer days and warmer weather. One of the greatest fruits of spring is the commencement of another baseball season. You may have begun hearing about some players getting their first sniff of extended time in the big leagues in 2015. I will discuss how you should utilize a few of these special players in your fantasy league. Continue reading

Mar 23

Fantasy Baseball 2015: Spring Training Storylines

After some not-so-bold predictions last week, it’s time to examine the news that has arisen from Spring Training over the past couple weeks. Injuries have derailed potential breakout seasons, players have stood out, and a few guys just can’t make contact. So what’s the fantasy impact, and what adjustments should be made on our draft boards? Let’s find out. Continue reading

Mar 20

Are Wins Really Everything?

In baseball, or any sport for that matter, a win is everything traditionally. Winning is what makes the world of sports go ‘round. Those who win the most are considered the best and those who do not are well…considered the opposite, but can that really be said about major league pitchers? Of course, a guy that has a 20 win season most likely put up some decent numbers, but were they as good as the guy who didn’t have 20 wins, and if not, how can we tell? Continue reading

Mar 19

Five Players I Like More than Most

If your league hasn’t drafted yet, then it’s definitely happening in the next two weeks. While there is an endless litany of rankings, formulas and theories out there on how to best draft a team, my motto remains this: draft the guys I think will succeed. I usually play on Yahoo!, and I always disagree with some of their site rankings, and sometimes to a very high degree. Really, you should be reading rankings in order to compare it to other rankings. Then, you decide which players you want more than others and which ones you don’t mind passing on. If you have done your research and are confident in your opinions of players, then don’t be afraid to reach for your players. These are five players that I value much greater than most sites out there: Continue reading

Mar 17

Fantasy Baseball 2015 Not-So-Bold Predictions

So far this off season, I have discussed guys who will come at a discount this year based on crappy 2014 seasons, examined a few pitcher breakouts, checked out bargains on the infield, looked at a few replacement values, inspected some late, high upside arms (who all decided to get hurt), and introduced my top-10 at each position. Today, I will make a semi-bold prediction for each team based on their depth charts heading into 2015. These predictions aren’t entirely outlandish, either–I definitely expect at least a few of them to come true. Hopefully, the following tidbits can give you an idea of some sneaky value plays. Draft accordingly. Let’s get to it. Continue reading

Mar 10

2015 Fantasy Baseball: American League Preview

Spring Training games have officially started, and despite the cold winds and temperatures bombarding the Northern East coast, it’s finally starting to feel like baseball season. By now you should be knee-deep in fantasy baseball research, and you should have rough ideas for players you want, players you don’t want, and draft strategies you want to employ. While sites all over the Internet are releasing player rankings (yes, we will be releasing ours soon!), I find it more helpful to look at players contextually. Today we will look at the American League, and I’ll identify players from each division that intrigue me, who offer great or poor value, and also players that I need to have on my fantasy teams. Let’s get started: Continue reading