It’s not goodbye, it’s see you later

I sit here tonight writing this post and finding the words are hard.

I started TFR a few years ago cause I had a passion for writing and fantasy football and I wanted to combine the two. Through luck and determination, I found some awesome people along the way to help me do that and produce content that was and still is awesome.

However, as my job is changing, my free time is becoming less and other things are happening in life, I find myself not really in the headspace to have this passion right now, to be frank, I’m at best half-assing the work I need to do and so I’m letting myself and others down. What does this mean? It means that I am deciding to halt our coverage of the 2017 fantasy football season.  I need to regroup and do things correctly and with full effort and I just can’t right now. SO we’re not going away forever, just going silent for a bit.

I owe lots of thank yous to people, Stephen Halupka, Steven WInant, DJ Fezzler, Matt Jones, Mike Garza, Mike Fitkowsky, Guy Stuhr, Brian Grow and many more who have helped this site grow over time, and I owe them the respect and honesty to say “I’m not doing the best I can to honor your work right now and I’m sorry.

So this isn’t goodbye, we will be back, it’s just see you later.

Can Will Fuller Keep up the Pace?

When you think of the premier touchdown scorers in the NFL, players like Rob Gronkowski, Antonio Brown and Jordy Nelson come to mind instantly. Second-year receivers that are coming off injuries typically don’t fit the bill, but the Houston Texans’ Will Fuller is making a name for himself this season alongside rookie quarterback, Deshaun Watson.

Fuller currently leads the NFL in touchdown catches and has only played in four games this season. His touchdown efficiency is through the roof and every week analysts and writers are trying to predict when he will fall back down to earth. Here’s my take on the incredible fantasy football season Fuller is having and what to do with him moving forward.

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Waiver Wire: Week 9

Waiver Wire Week 9

 Here’s a list of players they may help your fantasy team long term, or as a spot fill-in during a bye week.

 (For each position, players are listed by waiver priority and are <50% owned in Yahoo leagues)



Jay Cutler, MIA (10%)


It was a poor performance by the Dolphins’ team as a whole on Thursday Night Football. Matt Moore didn’t do himself any favors, as he did not look like an NFL QB on the national stage. After the game, Cutler was already named the Week 9 QB against the Raiders. This is less of an endorsement of Cutler but more about the Raiders porous defense. As a unit, they allow a 69.5 completion percentage to opposing QBs, 8.0 yards per attempt, 11 total TDs and 0, yes you read that right, 0 interceptions. Sure, Cutler will probably give the Raiders their first INT, but along with 275 yards and 2 TDs. Add him in another tough bye week.

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NFL DFS: Week 8 Alternate Storylines

We hit .500  with our alternate storylines last week. If you listened last week, you made money off of playing Ezekiel Elliott and got on a Blake Bortles to Allen Hurns or Marqise Lee stack. The TEN-CLE game definitely didn’t shoot out and I’m not sure TY Hilton was in the stadium last week, but that’s an alright hit rate for these alternate storylines. This article each week isn’t designed for cash game plays, it’s a way to rethink some of the narratives you’re hearing to find some plays in GPPs. With that, let’s hit Week 8. Continue reading NFL DFS: Week 8 Alternate Storylines

Streaming Defenses: Week 8

Here we are… The dreaded Week 8 bye week. We were upset when the Dolphins and Bucs had a surprising week 1 bye, and even more upset when we had 4 teams on bye in weeks 5 & 6. I hate to say it, but the worst is yet to come. Both this week and next week we’ll see 6 teams on bye, making roughly ⅓ of the league unavailable at some point through weeks 8 & 9. Defenses are often overlooked when it comes to fantasy football, and to an extent it’s easy to understand why.

The highest scoring defense in fantasy football so far this season is Jacksonville – who have been monsters to say the least. They have scored double digit points in 5/7 games this season, with 20+ in 3 of them; one of which they compiled 5 interceptions, one they forced and recovered 3 fumbles, and one where they recorded 10 sacks. Despite the dominance, they have only scored 106 points on the season in standard ESPN scoring, which is only good for 41st overall among all PPR fantasy scorers. Even so, playing the right defense on a week to week basis may not always be the exciting play, or the one that has the highest return, but could be the difference between getting a win or a loss. Your matchup could easily come down to the 10 points your solid streaming defense gets you, as opposed to the 0-2 that you get from playing a defense in a bad matchup.

With 6 defenses off the board, including the top 2, take a look at some streaming options for Week 8: Continue reading Streaming Defenses: Week 8

Time To Worry About Ty Montgomery, Aaron Jones Is Taking Over

Before the 2017 regular season began, I was as high on Ty Montgomery’s first full season as a running back as anyone. You can check back to my article here, where I say not to worry about him even after some preseason injury scares. I was so confident, I made sure I drafted him in as many leagues as possible (four out of five to be exact).

My assumptions that Montgomery would be a fantasy star were spot on to start the season, but with seven weeks in the books, he has just about hit rock bottom due to injuries and the rise of yet another rookie running back, Aaron Jones. The Packers need to lean on a running back with the loss of Aaron Rodgers and Jones has looked like the running back to carry the burden. While it pains me to say it, I believe it may soon be time to wave goodbye to what could’ve and very well should’ve been a quality fantasy running back.

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Waiver Wire: Week 8

Thankfully, there are no major injuries heading into Week 8. Outside of a Marshawn Lynch suspension, it’s another quiet week on the waiver wire, but there are still a few players worth streaming or playing during the bye weeks.


(For each position, players are listed by waiver priority and are <50% owned in Yahoo leagues)




Case Keenum, MIN (9%)


Since his 3 TD explosion against Tampa Bay, Case Keenum has slowed down quite a bit. Over the past 4 games, he only has two TD passes to go along with two INTs. Good thing for Keenum and the Vikings’ skill players, they face the Browns this week. Although they have been excellent against the run, they have not been as good against the pass. The Browns have allowed 14 TD passes, which is tied for second worse with the Giants and Cardinals, and a 105.9 passer rating to opposing play callers (just behind Oakland’s 109). If you are in need of a QB this week, Keenum is the guy I’d look to add first.


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NFL DFS: Week 7 Alternate Storylines

NFL DFS is all about stories. What story can you tell yourself about a game that is plausible and (if it happens) will provide value? Something that people won’t be on that can give you an edge. I’m going to do a couple of quick possibilities here that I think could be interesting this week if things break the right way. Remember, GPP lineup building is all about finding an edge. Don’t pay attention to these stories for cash, but throwing these scenarios into a GPP could pay off.

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Evan Engram: Not Your Typical Rookie Tight End

On April 27th, NFL fans saw a group of talented tight ends selected in the first round of the draft, one of them being Evan Engram out of Ole Miss. In the past, rookie tight ends post poor fantasy seasons which made fantasy owners hesitant to take Engram in their fantasy drafts. Why risk the pick when first-year tight ends typically fail to produce adequate statistics? Engram was brought onto an offense with plenty of weapons – Odell Beckham Jr., Brandon Marshall, and Sterling Shepard – but his pass-catching talent could not be overlooked.

Now with the loss of Beckham, Marshall and Dwayne Harris for the rest of the 2017 season and Shepard dealing with an injury of his own, Engram is believed to be the main target for Eli Manning for the rest of the season. It’s unfortunate to see superstars lost for the season but it gives younger players the opportunity to show their talents and make plays for their team.

In my opinion, Engram is a must-start tight end in every fantasy league. His season totals are the complete opposite of what we’ve seen from rookie tight ends in previous years. Here’s my take on Engram and why I have confidence in his abilities given the situation in New York.

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